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Fences (1994)


Fences is a pastiche of short glimpses of vision and sound created to explore the emotional spaces around humans. The film is a mesmerising mosaic of recognisable images assembled together to challenge the viewer to see the familiar differently. Filmmaker David Caesar has turned toast burning into a domestic icon. He uses titles like the postcodes of suburbs, images of people not speaking with their voice-over and music and sounds exaggerated to produce a strange effect. Fences is an emotional journey into the everyday making it extraordinary.

Curator’s notes

I suggest a new sub-genre to describe this film – the abstract documentary. The result is a delightful and challenging work that has developed from Caesar’s idiosyncratic approach to documentary. Producer Glenys Rowe was formerly general manager of SBS Independent (SBSi) and is an accomplished filmmaker in her own right. David Caesar’s credits include the feature films Dirty Deeds, Mullet, Greenkeeping, and television shows RAN and Water Rats.