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The Digger Carries On: Repatriation Illustrated (1919)


This public information film from 1919 shows the facilities for injured and psychologically affected returned servicemen from the First World War and the various vocational training schemes available.

Curator’s notes

Produced by Amalgamated Pictures, a distribution and exhibition company managed by the Tait brothers with Johnson and Gibson, this film was used to inform people and promote the repatriation work developed for returned First World War servicemen.

The film begins with Senator Millen, Minister for Repatriation in his office at Repatriation Headquarters indicating that it was produced with government approval, if not actually commissioned.

The returned servicemen that we see look happy and relaxed at their hostel. Residents of the premises where war neuroses cases were treated are not seen.

The film is silent, and intertitles are used to explain what we are about to see and to inform us of statistics. For example, 78,114 returned servicemen have applied for employment, 62,194 have found it.