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Blowin’ in the Wind (2005)


This documentary warns of the danger of the side effects of weapons using depleted uranium. Filmmaker David Bradbury interviews victims of exposure to uranium, intercuts world-wide archival footage, and asks what the outcome of joint exercises with the US military on Australian soil will be.

Curator’s notes

Not wanting to seek funding from government agencies, Bradbury produced the one-hour documentary on a very small budget. On his website Frontline Films Bradbury states: 'Fellow filmmaker Peter Scott and I, with a hard cash budget of $12,000 and a beg, borrow or make do philosophy, pulled together this doco I know you’ll never see on “your ABC”.’ Bradbury is willing to live on low wages to make the films he believes in. His body of work reflects his passion about political subjects. His credits include Shoalwater: Up for Grabs (subject matter closely related to Blowin’ in the Wind), Fond Memories of Cuba, Jabiluka, State of Shock and South of the Border.