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Toora Vale Ice Company, Berri: Welcome Mr Ice Man (c.1934)


This cinema advertisement for Toora Vale Ice Company promotes the use of block ice for refrigeration to preserve and cool food.

Curator’s notes

This short, but effective, advertisement uses an authoritative male narrator to point out the benefits of using block ice in refrigeration. It comes from a time when electrical goods (such as electric stoves) were being heavily promoted for the home. But it was also a time of economic hardship for many families and this ad emphasises the economy, health and comfort brought by the ‘ice man’. In an animated advertisement for the Toora Vale Ice Company from the same year, the electric refrigerator is positioned as unreliable as well as costly (see Toora Vale Ice Company, Berri: The Ice Man Was Never Like This).

In the 1930s, the Toora Vale Ice Company was based in Monash, outside of Berri in South Australia. In the 1940s, the company stopped selling ice and began farming potatoes, harvested by members of the Australian Women’s Land Army. No longer operating under the Toora Vale name, but still based in Monash, the company now produces glacé fruit.