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Tandaco Prepared Stuffing: Don’t Cry Dear Lady (c.1942)

  1. Hello

    I may be wrong but the lady who appears in this film may not be Muriel Steinbeck.

    She does not look like Muriel in comparison to photos and films within 4 years, either side, of this production.

    The "personality" of the shown actors seems to be a bit "cold" compared with Muriel.

    Muriel has a different mouth to the shown actress.

    Have a look at the other " Muriel" films available and leave a comment.

    Also, the "Tandaco" film would have been produced during 1942 based on the articles visible, when paused, on the newspaper that the food is being prepared on.

    There is no "(c.) circa" about the production date of production.


    Graeme Steinbeck

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