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Nestle’s MILO Cinema Advertisement: Family Album (1948)


This 1948 cinema advertisement for Nestles’ (now Nestlé) MILO shows a ‘real Milo family’ who drink the chocolate flavoured beverage for health, enjoyment, rest and sleep!

Curator’s notes

According to Nestlé's MILO website, more MILO is sold each year than the weight of the Sydney Harbour Bridge! MILO is one of Nestlé's most familiar brands and has been a around since the 1930s. Here in Family Album MILO is marketed as a drink that the whole family can enjoy. The chocolate-flavoured powder (or ‘fortified tonic food’ as the packaging says) is a favourite with Ian, the youngest character in the ad, but is also regularly consumed by the adults for its health benefits. For a contrast in emphasis, see Nestlé's MILO advertisement The Joy of Living also from 1948, which is completely different in tone and style.

The print of this cinema advertisement held at the National Film and Sound Archive is part of the Roger McKenzie collection. McKenzie, along with his friend Bernie Kent, built a private collection of films that included cinema advertisements, a large number of newsreel segments, early documentary and actuality footage. McKenzie and Kent worked as technicians in the industry and also made their own home movies. See McKenzie, Roger and Kent, Bernie: Silent Car Trip Australia: Home Movie and McKenzie, Roger and Kent, Bernie: Around Sydney with a Camera.