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Metric Motoring (1974)


This title consists of two 60-second television advertisements explaining to motorists the national changeover from imperial to metric measurement.

Curator’s notes

On 1 July 1970 the Metric Conversion Board was established with the task of managing the Commonwealth’s metrification programme. The Board set up Advisory Committees grouped by the major activities on which metric conversion was likely to impact. The Transport and Communications Advisory Committee was responsible for all amendments to the National Road Traffic Code. This required the coordination of all groups and organisations affected by the changes, for example, traffic control engineers from state and local governments, state automobile associations, map manufacturers and manufacturers of traffic control equipment.

The change to metric motoring was scheduled for 1 July 1974, with imperial signposting on all major roads to be replaced by the end of July. The public’s acceptance and understanding of the changeover was vital to a smooth transition, so the need for intensive publicity was identified. In consultation with the Australian Government Advertising Service and a private consultant, a television, radio and newspaper advertising campaign was developed. 'Know your kilometres – miles are a thing of the past’ was the theme. This title consists of the two 60 second television advertisements produced as part of the campaign.