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General Motors Holden – Holden’s Got More Horses (1966)


This television advertisement for the 1966 'turbo-smooth’ Holden HR is squarely aimed at a male audience.

Curator’s notes

The Holden HR, released in 1966, had a larger engine that gave it more grunt. Like all new models, the HR also featured cosmetic and mechanical improvements. The advertising campaign for the 'turbo-smooth’ Holden urged audiences to 'look, look again, look closely’. This ad in the campaign targets a male audience, emphasising Holden’s strength and horsepower, by cutting between a pack of wild horses and the HR climbing a winding hill. A different ad from the same series (see General Motors Holden – The Time is Now, 1966) is aimed at women. A beautiful girl in a dream-like sequence drives along a beach, picking up a man in her stylish and comfortable Holden.

By the 1960s, Holden had added theme music and jingles to the devices used to make their brand memorable. The soundtrack plays a significant role in creating the mood and tone of each of the HR ads. The refrains are sung by women in the beach ad, and men in this horses ad.