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General Motors Holden – The Time is Now (1966)


This television advertisement for the 1966 'turbo-smooth’ Holden HR is aimed at a female audience.

Curator’s notes

The Holden HR, released in 1966, had a larger engine that gave it more grunt. Like all new models, the HR also featured cosmetic and mechanical improvements. The advertising campaign for the 'turbo-smooth’ Holden urged audiences to 'look, look again, look closely’. This ad in the campaign targets a female audience, emphasising the car’s comfort and style as well as power. A note inside the car door declares 'open for fun’. A different ad from the same series (see General Motors Holden – Holden’s Got More Horses, 1966) is aimed at men and focuses on horsepower by cutting between a pack of wild horses and the HR climbing a hill.

The soundtrack plays a significant role in creating the mood and tone of each ad (note the refrains are sung by women in this ad, and men in the horses HR ad). By the 1960s, Holden had added theme music and jingles to the range of devices used to make their brand memorable.