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General Motors Holden – Proved Dependability (c.1956)


This television advertisement for General Motors Holden emphasises Holden’s dependability. Excerpts of letters from satisfied Holden customers illustrate each feature.

Curator’s notes

This advertisement is one of a series that uses the same presenter, a General Motors Holden representative whose authoritative delivery and appearance supports the claims in the ad and reassures viewers that the Holden they buy has been thoroughly tested, researched and tailored to use by Australian drivers on Australian roads (see also General Motors Holden – Resale Value, which ends with the same footage and slogan featured here). This ad introduces written testimonials from 'satisfied owners’ of Holden cars, 'taxi drivers, men in the outback, commercial travellers, family men’. Using specific examples drawn from customers’ lives to illustrate engineering features is the first signs of a shift in Holden advertising to a broader marketing style, and away from simply relying on an inventory of features.