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General Motors Holden – Make it Yours (1968)


This black-and-white 60-second television advertisement for the 'new generation’ 1968 Holden HK Premier features a voice-over narration by John Laws.

Curator’s notes

By 1968, Holden cars had been on the market for 20 years. Perhaps as recognition of generational change, or maybe just through clever marketing reflecting the culture of the times, the latest HK model was tagged as 'the new generation’ of Holden. In addition to the standard sedan and wagon, the HK model featured a luxury Brougham as well as updated Premier (see clip one) and Kingsford (see General Motors Holden – A Great New Feeling, 1968) lines.

With Holden now well established in the psyche of the nation, it no longer needed to sell itself on functionality, economy, national pride or suitability to Australian conditions. Instead, this advertisement (one of a series of 'new generation Holden’ ads) encapsulates a late-1960s aesthetic and uses sex appeal and sensuality to appeal to its audience. The narration refers to the 'swinging’ ’60s and addresses 'young people of all ages’ in a flashy and stylish 60 seconds. The 'new generation’ campaign also saw Holden taken out of its 1950s suburban setting to embrace the urban metropolis and appeal to young people with a taste for 'the good life’.