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General Motors Holden – FE Holden: The Average Man (1956)


This television advertisement for the 1956 FE Holden focuses on the planning, research, technology and testing that went into the car’s development.

Curator’s notes

This is one of GMH’s early ventures into television advertising and its style is still very much influenced by cinema advertisements of the time. The FE Holden was released onto the Australian market only three months before television commenced broadcasting in Australia. Holden was quick to make use of the new medium and, in the years after television’s introduction, developed a sophisticated style to market its iconic brand to new suburban audiences.

This advertisement is the first to use the recurring main character of an authoritative GMH representative who presents as reliable, trustworthy and well informed. His presence supports the claims in the ad and reassures viewers that the Holden they buy has been thoroughly tested, researched and tailored for use by Australian drivers on Australian roads.