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Rinso Laundry Powder : Hilda and Hugh Jones (c.1940)


This is a cinema advertisement promoting Rinso laundry powder. It takes the form of a short domestic drama in which Mrs Hilda Jones overcomes the drudgery of housework with the discovery of Rinso. Her husband Hugh is very relieved that he no longer has to suffer her bad moods. Their marriage improves greatly as a result.

Curator’s notes

This cinema advertisement shows a traditional married couple in their home. Hilda stays at home to do the washing and cooking while her husband, Hugh, goes to work. At this time, women were expected to carry out domestic duties. This advertisement beautifully illustrates the ‘a woman’s place is in the home’ attitudes of the day.

Social attitudes towards the role of women in the 1940s household can be seen in other advertisements for similar domestic products including Kraft Cheddar Cheese, other Rinso washing products, Tandaco Prepared Stuffing and the Electric Kooka Stove.