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General Motors Holden – Happy in a Holden (1962)


This television advertisement is a short interview with a satisfied Holden driver and his family in the parking lot outside a Collingwood-Hawthorn AFL game.

Curator’s notes

In 1962, 14 years after the first car rolled off the assembly line at Fisherman’s Bend, the one millionth Holden was released. This vox pop style interview was probably part of the 'Holden for you in ’62’ series of advertisements, although it is possible that this clip is an out-take. These ads appear to feature comments from people on the street, though they were probably rehearsed and carefully guided by the interviewer (see clip one when the child is asked 'What’s your favourite car, the Holden?’). Some interviewees were well known (such as footballer John Fisher in General Motors Holden – John Fisher, Another Holden Driver, 1962), others represent the average suburban family. The interviewer is GTV9 television football commentator Tony Charlton.