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General Motors Holden – Export Holden (c.1962)


This television advertisement chronicles Holden’s expansion overseas between 1954 and 1962, including the development of the left-hand drive and the importance of the 'Made in Australia’ brand.

Curator’s notes

General Motors Holden began exporting in 1954, when it delivered its first cars to New Zealand. By 1962, when this advertisement was made, GMH was shipping to 45 overseas territories in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Cars with left-hand drives were introduced in 1960 for countries such as Greece, Iran and Iraq. This expansion into overseas markets represented a coming-of-age for the Holden brand. Its high popularity at home, as well as GMH’s role in providing employment for thousands of workers, secured Holden a place in popular consciousness as 'Australia’s Own Car’. Holden’s export success is trumpeted in this advertisement as a source of national pride. See also General Motors Holden – Export Holden Version 2, possibly made later the same year.