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Beautiful Middle Harbour (1927)


This silent black-and-white cinema advertisement for Castlecrag Estate promotes the new Sydney suburb. It features panoramic shots of Middle Harbour, Sydney including footage of the surrounding bushland and foreshores, a newly built stone house, a rooftop party, people walking through the bush at Sylvan Glades and various people, including Walter Burley Griffin, canoeing and fishing on the water. It ends with a dance troop performing in the bushland.

Curator’s notes

This cinema advertisement from approximately 1927 is presented in a documentary and travelogue style often used in the 1920s.

Beginning with wide, panoramic shots of the scenery, it links various scenes and locations with intertitles and captures some interesting footage of Sydney before suburban development. It also includes footage of Walter Burley Griffin, the architect who designed Canberra, canoeing on Middle Harbour, Sydney.