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Returned Anzacs (1917)

This segment from an Australasian Gazette newsreel shows returned Anzacs marching through Melbourne streets as part of the 'Fill-the-Gap’ recruitment drive. A marching band leads a parade of returned Anzac servicemen holding placards that say 'Wanted – A man to ... [read more]

Friday in Brisbane (1967)

The clip shows Air Vice-Marshall Ky’s visit to Canungra Jungle Training Centre, and Mme Ky’s visit to the Queensland headquarters of the Red Cross. [read more]

Boys – lay down your lives for the empire (1990)

It’s 1914 and Australia is preparing for a war in Europe. In voice-over, Scratch (Lachlan Jeffrey) recites the reasons why Australia’s young men should fight for the King. When Sydney rabbito Ned Crocker (Nathan Croft) is asked when he is ... [read more]

‘Your help is needed’ (1916)

This cartoon begins with a caption that reads, ‘the German monster threatens the world with bloodshed, slavery and death’. An animated King Kong-like monster wreaks havoc on the world, destroying villages, women and children. At the end of the clip, ... [read more]

A war of nerves (2002)

Australia’s 'chocolate soldiers’ were all that stood between Australia and the highly trained and jungle-prepared Japanese forces. They were called 'chocos’ or 'chocolate soldiers’ because it was thought they would melt in the heat. The aim of the 'chocos’ was ... [read more]

‘You reckon we’re doing any good by being here?’ (1979)

Harry (Graham Kennedy) sets Bung (John Hargreaves) straight about the War: the 'commos’ will win and no-one at home in Australia will thank them for going. He tells Dawson (Graeme Blundell) that the rich don’t fight wars, but that poor ... [read more]

‘Try to look like a man’ (1928)

Billy has been summoned to report for military training, which he does not want to do. At the army camp, Billy (Keith Gategood) feigns illness, with a bad cough. The medical officer assures him that he is in the best ... [read more]

It’s war! (1982)

The recruiting drive is on and throughout the bush there are more than enough young men willing to drop everything for the adventure of war. Billy (Scott Burgess) and Walter (Scott McGregor) have been waiting for this moment with barely ... [read more]

‘Go back to Russia’ (1981)

Journalist Wilfred Burchett reported the Vietnam War from the 'other side’. After he lost his passport the Australian Government refused to issue him with a replacement. He is seen at a press conference after he entered Australia with his birth ... [read more]

‘Nothing to lose’ (2002)

At Sydney airport, Barry Ryan (Bryan Brown) collects his nephew Darcy (Sam Worthington), who’s returning from his service in Vietnam. Barry introduces his crew – ‘Hollywood’ Riley (William McInnes) and Norm (Andrew S. Gilbert) – and offers Darcy a job. ... [read more]

The right to protest (1999)

Anti-uranium mining protestors explain their role in the Jabiluka blockade. A woman recalls her first arrest and the mines security officer says that he is in favour of protesting for a cause that he may believe in. [read more]

Living in the 70’s (1974)

The title track of the Living in the 70’s album, recorded during June and July 1974 at the TCS Studios in Melbourne. The album, produced by Ross Wilson from the band Daddy Cool, broke all previous sales records for ... [read more]

Sunday in Melbourne (1967)

Air Vice-Marshall Ky and his wife, on their visit to Melbourne, meet Vietnamese students at Victoria’s Government House, before attending a final press conference. [read more]

‘It’s not our bloody war’ (1981)

Lost in the desert, on their way to join up, Archy (Mark Lee) and Frank (Mel Gibson) discuss politics, patriotism and the reasons for war. [read more]

The strike spreads (1917)

‘Produce Merchants’ unload perishables from a ship on the docks, possibly part of the New South Wales General Strike of 1917. [read more]

‘A knockout for German trade’ (1915)

This animated clip begins with a profile sketch of wartime Prime Minister Billy Hughes wearing a hat. Cut-out animation is used to lift the hat off Hughes’s head as an accompanying caption reads ‘what Billy Hughes has under his hat’. ... [read more]

Economy in Germany (1915)

This clip begins with the title card Cartoons of the Moment followed by a scene of cartoonist Harry Julius sketching at an easel. A group of children run up to him and watch as he sketches. The three animated political ... [read more]

The Hun’s Xmas wail (1915)

This clip begins with the Cartoons of the Moment title card featuring a kangaroo and lion. Cartoonist Harry Julius is shown sketching at his notepad against an ocean background. A headline from the Berlin Lokal Anzeiger newspaper reads ‘Germany is ... [read more]

‘Working on the home front’ (1943)

This clip tells the story of a civilian worker who joined the war by helping to make engines and aircraft for the allies. His address to camera – filmed at a workbench against back projection of a factory floor – ... [read more]

Labor wins in 1972 (1983)

In a campaign speech, Bob Hawke pledges that an elected Whitlam government would stand-up to the US and other nations to openly declare when it believes a policy is wrong. In separate interviews, former US Ambassador Marshall Green and ... [read more]

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