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Wayne Blair

Title Year Cast Crew Production
Say Nothing 2011Willisfeature
My Place

1 episode: 1788 Part 1 Waruwi

2010WriterTV program
Lockie Leonard

5 episodes: Time and Tide, The Big Questions, The Party, Enter the Mermaid, Cure for Stings

2010DirectorTV program
Lockie Leonard

1 episode: Time and Tide

2010WriterTV program
Dead Gorgeous

4 episodes: Gold, Hazel’s Tree, Re-Living History, Old Ghosts

2010DirectorTV program
The Circuit

1 episode: Of Mice and Men

2009WriterTV program
Blessed 2009James Parkerfeature
First Australians – Episode 4, No Other Law 2008Castdocumentary
Lockie Leonard

3 episodes: Match of the Day, The Details, Weird Genes

2007DirectorTV program
Double Trouble

7 episodes: Alice Springs sequences

2007DirectorTV program
Bit of Black Business – Jackie Jackie 2007Salesmanshort film
The Djarn Djarns 2005Director, Writershort film

1 episode: Best Laid Plans

2004Wayne PattersonTV program
Black Talk 2002Director, Writershort film
Jubulj 2001Director, Writershort film
The Watchers 2001Unknownshort film
Mullet 2001Jamesfeature
Water Rats

1 episode: Loose Ends

2000Ridley WinterTV program

1 episode: Series 1 Episode 34

1998WesTV program
All Saints

1 episode: Smooth Operator

1998Kenny BaxterTV program
Shifting Sands – Grace 1998Unknownshort film
The Tower 1997DJ DanTV program