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Tom Zubrycki

Title Year Cast Crew Production

Compiled from australianscreen, Internet Movie Database, Tom Zubrycki: Filmmaker. June 2011

The Hungry Tide 2010Producer, Directordocumentary
Stolen 2009Producerdocumentary
The Love Market 2009Executive producerdocumentary
The Intervention 2008Producerdocumentary
Wanja – The Warrior Dog 2008Producerdocumentary
Mad Morro 2008Producerdocumentary
A Fighting Chance 2007Producerdocumentary
Temple of Dreams 2007Producer, Directordocumentary
The Prodigal Son 2006Producerdocumentary
Vietnam Symphony 2005Director, Writerdocumentary
Short Stories

4 × 30 minute episodes

2004Executive producerTV program
Molly and Mobarak 2003Producer, Director, Writerdocumentary
Making Venus 2002Producerdocumentary
Following the Rabbit-Proof Fence 2002Producerdocumentary
Gulpilil: One Red Blood 2002Producerdocumentary
The Secret Safari 2001Director, Co-writerdocumentary
The Diplomat 2000Director, Writerdocumentary
Stolen Generations 2000Producerdocumentary
Whiteys Like Us 1999Producerdocumentary
Dr Jazz 1999Producerdocumentary
Exile in Sarajevo 1997Producerdocumentary
Billal 1996Producer, Director, Writerdocumentary
Homelands: View from the Edge 1993Producer, Director, Writerdocumentary
Amongst Equals 1991Producer, Director, Writerdocumentary
Bran Nue Dae 1991Producer, Director, Writerdocumentary
Lord of the Bush 1990Producer, Director, Writerdocumentary
Strangers in Paradise 1989Co-producer, Co-directordocumentary
Marrickville 1988Producer, Director, Writerdocumentary
Friends and Enemies 1987Producer, Director, Writerdocumentary
Kemira: Diary of a Strike 1984Producer, Directordocumentary
Waterloo 1981Producer, Directordocumentary
Port Botany: A Planning Dilemma 1979Producer, Directordocumentary
Sack Black 1978Producer, Directordocumentary
Addison Road Drop-In 1977Producer, Directordocumentary
The Painters and Dockers Strike 1976Producer, Directordocumentary
Collingwood Community School 1975Producer, Directordocumentary
The Inner City Tape 1974Producer, Directordocumentary
Fig Street Fiasco 1974Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editordocumentary
We Have To Live With It 1974Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editordocumentary