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Sue Maslin

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Compiled from australianscreen, The Internet Movie Database and with the assistance of Sue Maslin. March 2011

Rekindling Venus

Cross-platform documentary


Cross-platform documentary

Michael Kirby 2010Producerdocumentary
Celebrity: Dominick Dunne 2008Executive producerdocumentary
Hunt Angels 2006Producerdocumentary
Irresistible 2006Executive producerfeature
Japanese Story 2003Producerfeature
A Mirror to the People: The Governor-General 2000Producerdocumentary
The Edge of the Possible 1998Producerdocumentary
The Highest Court 1998Producerdocumentary
Road to Nhill 1997Producerfeature
Conspiracy 1994Producerdocumentary
Black River

Filmed opera

1993Co-producershort feature
Koories and Cops 1993Producerdocumentary
Mr Neal is Entitled to be an Agitator 1991Producerdocumentary
Thanks Girls and Goodbye 1988Producer, Director, Writerdocumentary