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Sue Brooks

Title Year Cast Crew Production

Compiled from The Internet Movie Database, Tony Harrison, Australian Film and TV Companion (2nd Ed.), 2005, and with the assistance of Sue Brooks. February 2011

Subdivision 2009Directorfeature
Hope 2008Co-producerdocumentary
Japanese Story 2003Co-producer, Directorfeature
Something in the Air

8 episodes

2000DirectorTV program

2 episodes: Head for Water, The House That Jack Built

1999DirectorTV program

2 episodes: Stormy Weather, My Own Sweetheart

1998DirectorTV program
Road to Nhill 1997Directorfeature

1 episode: Cara

1996DirectorTV program
Land of the Long Weekend 1994Director, Writerdocumentary
A Single Life: Ethel May ‘Monte’ Punshon 1991Cinematographerdocumentary
Piccolo Mondo 1991DirectorTV program
An Ordinary Woman 1988Producer, Directorshort film
Double Take 1986DirectorTV program
High Heels 1985Directordocumentary
The Drover’s Wife 1984Directorshort film
Absence 1984Directorshort film
Tea and Tiny Cakes 1984Directorshort film
Pregnant Pause 1983Directorshort film
The Guild 1983Directorshort film