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Paul Cox

Title Year Cast Crew Production

Compiled from australianscreen, The Internet Movie Database, Paul Cox, Reflections: An Autobiographical Journey, 1998, and Tony Harrison, Australian Film and TV Companion (2nd Ed), 2005. March 2012

Salvation 2008Producer, Director, Co-writerfeature
Kaluapapa Heaven 2007Directordocumentary
The Remarkable Mr Kaye 2005Director, Writerdocumentary
Human Touch 2004Director, Writer, Editorfeature
Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky 2001Producer, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editorfeature
Innocence 2000Producer, Director, Writerfeature
Molokai: The Story of Father Damien 1999Directorfeature
The Hidden Dimension


1997Director, Co-writerdocumentary
Lust and Revenge 1996Producer, Director, Co-writerfeature
Exile 1994Producer, Director, Writer, Editorfeature
Touch Me

From ‘Erotic Tales’

1993Director, Co-writershort film
The Nun and the Bandit 1992Producer, Director, Writerfeature
A Woman's Tale 1991Producer, Director, Co-writerfeature
Golden Braid 1990Producer, Director, Co-writerfeature
Island 1989Producer, Director, Writerfeature
Touch the Sun – The Gift 1988Director, Co-writerTV program
Vincent: The Life and Death of Vincent Van Gogh 1987Writer, Cinematographer, Editorfeature
Kaboodle - The Secret Life of Trees 1987Director, WriterTV program
Cactus 1986Producer, Director, Co-writerfeature
Winners – The Paper Boy 1985DirectorTV program
Handle with Care


1985DirectorTV program
Death and Destiny: A Journey into Ancient Egypt

AKA The Journey

1984Producer, Director, Co-writer, Cinematographer, Editordocumentary
My First Wife 1984Producer, Director, Co-writerfeature
Man of Flowers 1983Producer, Director, Co-writerfeature
The False Door at Saqqara 1983Directordocumentary
Lonely Hearts 1981Director, Co-writerfeature
Underdog 1980Director, Cinematographer, Editordocumentary
The Kingdom of Nek Chand 1980Director, Co-writerdocumentary
For a Child Called Michael 1979Director, Writerdocumentary
Kostas 1979Directorfeature
Ritual 1978Director, Cinematographer, Editorshort film
Inside Looking Out 1977Producer, Director, Co-writer, Cinematographer, Editorfeature
Ways of Seeing 1977Director, Editorshort film
Illuminations 1976Director, Writer, Editorfeature
We Are All Alone My Dear 1975Producer, Director, Cinematographershort film
The Island 1975Directorshort film
All Set Backstage 1974Directordocumentary
The Journey 1972Director, Editorshort film
Phyllis 1971Directorshort film
Calcutta 1970Producer, Directordocumentary
Mirka 1970Directorshort film
Symphony 1969Directorshort film
Marcel 1969Director, Cinematographershort film
Skindeep 1968Directorshort film
Time Past 1966Directorshort film
Matuta 1965Directorshort film