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Don Parham

Don Parham’s other films include Something You Call Unique (1989), The Great Australian Dreaming (1992), Life Is Too Serious (2001), Why Men Pay For It (2003) and The Choice (2006). For further information about these films visit Parham Media Productions.

In a production role:

Big People, Small People (1991) — producer, director, writer

Deadly Hurt (1994) — writer, producer, director

We’re All Independent Now (1995) — producer, director, writer

Big Hair Woman (1996) — producer, director, writer

Love’s Tragedies (1998) — producer, writer, director

Riot or Revolution (2005) — producer, writer, director

As a cast member:

Deadly Hurt (1994)

This list shows all the titles currently on australianscreen that include Don Parham in a principal role. It is not a comprehensive screenography.