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David Caesar

Title Year Cast Crew Production

Compiled from australianscreen, The Internet Movie Database, Tony Harrison, Australian Film and TV Companion (2nd Ed), 2005; and with the assistance of David Caesar. August 2009

Prime Mover 2009Director, Writerfeature

Episodes 1.1 (director only), 1.2, 1.4 (writer only), 1.7, 1.8 (director only)

2007Director, WriterTV program
RAN (Remote Area Nurse)

3 episodes: The Coral Age, The Coming of the Light, Blue Hawaii

2006DirectorTV program
Two Twisted

2 episodes: Finding Frank, Saviour

2006Consultant directorTV program

6 episodes: Sifting Through the Ashes, Hide and Seek, Home is Where the Heat Is, The Longest Day, Closing In, Fighting Fire with Fire

2004DirectorTV program

2 episodes: One Hundred Years of Solitude, Palm Pilots and Pearls

2003DirectorTV program
Bad Cop, Bad Cop

4 episodes: Here Comes the Sun, He Who Slips on Milkshakes, Turn Me on Deadman, A Joint Venture

2002DirectorTV program
Dirty Deeds 2002Director, Writerfeature
All Saints 2001DirectorTV program
Mullet 2001Director, Writerfeature
Sonic Reflections 2000documentary

1 episode: Finders Keepers

1999DirectorTV program
Water Rats

6 episodes: Bloody Kids, Not Fade Away, Fair Cop, A Woman of Substance, Good Times and Adventures, Blood Relations

1998DirectorTV program
Wildside 1997DirectorTV program
Halifax fp: Isn’t it Romantic 1997DirectorTV program
Race Around the World 1997JudgeTV program
Idiot Box 1996Director, Writerfeature
Twisted Tales

1 episode: Borrowing Bazza

1996DirectorTV program
Bananas in Pyjamas 1995DirectorTV program
Carcrash 1995Director, Writerdocumentary
Fences 1994Director, Writer, Cinematographerdocumentary
Convictions 1994Directordocumentary
The Feds 1993DirectorTV program
RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service)

7 episodes

1992DirectorTV program

1 episode: The Road Not Taken

1992DirectorTV program
Greenkeeping 1992Director, Writerfeature
Body Work 1988Directordocumentary
Operation Raleigh

1 episode: With My House Upon My Back

1988DirectorTV program
Living Room 1988Director, Writer, Producerdocumentary
Shoppingtown 1987Director, Producerdocumentary
Freely Given 1985Director, Producerdocumentary
No More Heroes 1985Directorshort film