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Antony I Ginnane

Title Year Cast Crew Production

Compiled from australianscreen, Internet Movie Database and with the assistance of Antony I Ginnane. July 2011

Metal Tornado 2011Executive ProducerTV program
Surviving Georgia 2010Executive Producerfeature
Arctic Blast 2010Executive Producer feature
Screamers: The Hunting 2009Executive Producer feature
Not Quite Hollywood 2008Intervieweedocumentary
Ten Dead Men 2008Executive Producer feature
Look @ Me 2006Executive Producer feature
The Big Red 2005Executive Producerdocumentary
The Risen 2003Executive ProducerTV program
Blind Heat 2002Executive Producer feature
Sweet Revenge 2002Executive Producer feature
Lawless: Dead Evidence 2001Executive ProducerTV program
Lawless: Beyond Justice 2001Executive ProducerTV program
The Hit 2001Executive Producer feature
Reaper 2000Executive Producer feature
Sally Marshall is Not an Alien 1999Executive Producer feature
Black Light 1999Executive Producer feature
Captive 1998Executive Producer feature
Reluctant Angel 1998Executive Producer feature
The Truth About Juliet 1998Executive Producer feature
Men With Guns 1997Executive Producer feature
The Whole of the Moon 1997Executive Producer feature
Screamers 1995Supervising Producerfeature
No Contest 1995Executive Producer feature
Bonjour Timothy 1995Executive Producer feature
A Case of Honor 1991Executive Producer feature
Fatal Sky 1990Producerfeature
Driving Force 1989Executive Producer feature
Minnamurra 1989Producerfeature
Mull 1989Executive Producerfeature
The Siege of Firebase Gloria 1989Executive Producer feature
Demonstone 1989Producerfeature
Grievous Bodily Harm 1988Executive Producer feature
The Dreaming 1988Executive Producer feature
Emma: Queen of the South Seas


1988Executive ProducerTV program
The Everlasting Secret Family 1988Executive Producer feature
Boundaries of the Heart 1988Executive Producer feature
Incident at Raven's Gate 1988Executive Producer feature
Savage Justice 1988Executive Producer feature
The Time Guardian 1987Executive Producer feature
The Tale of Ruby Rose 1987Executive Producer feature
The Lighthorsemen 1987Executive Producer feature
Slate, Wyn and Me 1987Executive Producer feature
High Tide 1987Executive Producer feature
Initiation 1987Executive Producer feature
Dark Age 1987Executive Producer feature
Killer Instinct 1987Producerfeature
Great Expectations, the Untold Story 1987ProducerTV program
Mesmerized 1985Producerfeature
Second Time Lucky 1984Producerfeature
Prisoners 1982Producerfeature
Turkey Shoot 1982Producerfeature
Dead Kids 1981Producerfeature
Race for the Yankee Zephyr 1981Producerfeature
The Survivor 1980Producerfeature
Harlequin 1980Producerfeature
Thirst 1979Producerfeature
Snapshot 1978Producerfeature
Patrick 1978Producerfeature
Blue Fire Lady 1977Producerfeature
Fantasm Comes Again 1977Producerfeature
Fantasm 1976Producerfeature
Sympathy in Summer 1970Producer, Director, Writerfeature