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Robert Connolly: maverick filmmaker

Paul Byrnes profiles producer, director Robert Connolly.

'[Connolly] retains the spirit of the maverick, in that he is prepared to attempt things that haven’t been done here before, and there is a distinct well of zeal. He still wants to do films relevant to the country in which he lives, like Balibo (2009).’

Connolly’s latest project is the omnibus film The Turning (2013), out now in cinemas.

Read the Robert Connolly portrait. It also includes a screenography and stills gallery.

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Image: Frances O’Connor and David Wenham in Three Dollars (2005).

Balibo feature film – 2009

Romulus, My Father feature film – 2007

Three Dollars feature film – 2005

The Bank feature film – 2001

The Boys feature film – 1998

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