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Care for kids: 30 years of the ACTF

This month the Australian Children’s Television Foundation celebrates 30 years of advocating, producing and facilitating quality Australian television programming for children.

On the NFSA blog, TV curator Helen Tully looks at the history of children’s television, how and why the Australian Children’s Television Foundation came into being, and the future of children’s television content in a converged media environment. You can also watch ACTF promos from the ’80s and ’90s.

Founding director of the ACTF, Dr Patricia Edgar (above left), interviewed on ASO:

I came from a teaching background and a research background. So I’ve worked with kids most of my career. And I knew what was there [in kids], and I also knew that it wasn’t being drawn on in most of the programs that were being made [prior to the ACTF]. Most of the programs made for kids were jolly little adventures that people thought, 'Well, you know, kids will like this.’ But it was not about drawing kids out and getting the experience from them.

See ACTF titles and Patricia Edgar interview on ASO.

Watch 30 years of program highlights on the ACTF YouTube channel.

Lift Off – That’s Not Fair – Part B television program – 1992

Mortified – Taylor’s DNA television program – 2006

Yolngu Boy feature film – 2000

Kaboodle – Series 1 Episode 1 television program – 1987

Winners – Room to Move television program – 1985

Touch the Sun – Captain Johnno television program – 1988

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