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Drive-ins drive on

Richard Kuipers journeys back to the era of the 'ozoner’ or drive-in cinema. From the mid-1950s to the mid-'70s, Australia boasted one of the biggest drive-in markets in the world.

'The drive-in was the “grindhouse” of Australian exhibition in the ‘70s. Many films that received little or no exposure on the mainstream cinema circuit played to great success outdoors. Drive-in managers were able to measure the success of films not just by admission numbers but by the volume of car horn honking during the movie.’

Richard Kuipers has surveyed Horror in Australian Cinema for ASO and recently curated the Freak Me Out stream of the 2011 Sydney International Film Festival.

Take a look at Drive-ins.

Fatal Bond feature film – 1991

Dead-end Drive-in feature film – 1986

Stone feature film – 1974

The FJ Holden feature film – 1977

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