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Patricia Edgar on a pioneering life

Dr Patricia Edgar, former head of the Australian Children’s Television Foundation for three decades and one of the most respected producers of children’s programming in the world. Ray Argall visited her Melbourne home and learned how a girl from the bush in Mildura, Victoria became an industry icon and arguably the first person in Australia ever to hold a film degree. Patricia told Ray: 'Being in Mildura in the ’50s, you didn’t really aspire to anything much except that I knew I didn’t want to do what I saw all the women around me doing – having tea parties and such… I went to university and what girls did was teaching, nursing or you were a secretary’.

You can watch the interview with Patricia here. The interview comes with a stills gallery and a screenography.

Winners – Room to Move television program – 1985

Lift Off – A Load of Old Rubbish television program – 1992

Noah and Saskia – Tomorrow Never Knows television program – 2004

Yolngu Boy feature film – 2000

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