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Other wars and conflicts

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Labor wins in 1972

from the documentary Allies (PG)

In a campaign speech, Bob Hawke pledges that an elected Whitlam government would stand-up to the US and other nations to openly declare when it believes a policy is wrong.

In separate interviews, former US …

A baptism of fire

from the television program Australian Story – Absolute Beginner (PG)

Marg’s first placement with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) was in South Sudan where a terrible civil war had been raging for over 20 years. She was thrown into the work from the …

Saturday in Sydney

from the television program Australian Visit (G)

Air Vice-Marshall Ky and Mme Ky finish their Brisbane visit, and the following day travel to Sydney.

Sunday in Melbourne

from the television program Australian Visit (G)

Air Vice-Marshall Ky and his wife, on their visit to Melbourne, meet Vietnamese students at Victoria’s Government House, before attending a final press conference.

Warfare and its consequences

from the documentary Black Harvest (PG)

In a wide shot, many highlanders are chanting and running through the grass with spears. Joe sits at home looking distraught. The Ganiga return to the village and attend to a wounded man. They can …

Inhaling depleted uranium

from the documentary Blowin' in the Wind (PG)

Dr Doug Rokke, retired from the US airforce, was sent to clean up the residue of the depleted uranium used in weapons in the first Gulf War. He inhaled uranium and is now dying. He …

‘The gentleman’s war is over’

from the feature film Breaker Morant (PG)

In a lonely, windswept hill camp, far out in the veldt, Captain Hunt (Terence Donovan) instructs Captain Taylor (John Waters) to execute Boer prisoners brought in by Morant (Edward Woodward). When Morant queries the order …

‘This is what comes of Empire building’

from the feature film Breaker Morant (PG)

Morant (Edward Woodward) and Handcock (Bryan Brown) march to their executions. Their lawyer, Major Thomas (Jack Thompson) lingers in their makeshift cell – which looks to be a stable – to consider the epitaph that Morant has …

‘Shoot straight’

from the documentary The Breaker (PG)

Voice-over accompanied by still photos details the judicial process leading to the execution of 'Breaker’ Morant and Peter Hancock – Australian soldiers attached to the British Army in the Boer War 1899-1902.

A re-enactment of the …

Japan invades China

from the documentary A Breath (PG)

Japan invaded China in 1934. Forty million Chinese fled the invasionary forces. Cartoonist Huang Miaozi drew anti-Japanese slogans to protest the invasion.

Mao takes charge

from the documentary China, the Long March (PG)

The USSR Politburo chose Mao Zedong to head the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Journalist Tony Lawrence comments on the success of the Red Army under Mao. The Chinese Communist Party achieved popular appeal as they …

End of the Long March

from the documentary China, the Long March (PG)

The Long March ended in Shensi Province. The Communist Chinese had to cross cold, wet, swampy grasslands. Of the 40,000 who set out only 8,000 survived the treacherous marshy ground. However, they capture …

Korean liberation

from the documentary Convictions (PG)

Australian veterans of the Korean War recollect the day of their liberation from prisoner of war camps.

‘Nothing to lose’

from the feature film Dirty Deeds (PG)

At Sydney airport, Barry Ryan (Bryan Brown) collects his nephew Darcy (Sam Worthington), who’s returning from his service in Vietnam. Barry introduces his crew – ‘Hollywood’ Riley (William McInnes) and Norm (Andrew S. Gilbert) – and …

Coconut diesel

from the documentary An Evergreen Island (PG)

When Bougainville Island was blockaded in the struggle for independence, fuel quickly ran out. The local people, who had traditionally used the coconut tree for building and the fronds for roofing, also discovered a creative …

Bridge of brotherhood and unity

from the documentary Exile in Sarajevo (PG)

To the sound a Bosnian vocal group performing, people stream back into Sarajevo at the end of the Bosnian War as United Nations peacekeepers and international media look on. It is an emotional reunion between …

A meeting of minds

from the television program Four Corners – American Dreamers (G)

News footage shows John Howard and George Bush at a press conference together at the White House prior to the invasion of Iraq. Despite the phalanx of media, they appear relaxed and seem the best …

Business as usual

from the television program Four Corners – The Kilwa Incident (PG)

The United Nations has just completed a report on the Democratic Republic of the Congo detailing how President Joseph Kabila and his cronies are pillaging the country of its mineral riches, aided and abetted by …


from the documentary Frontline (M)

Neil Davis talks about working with the South Vietnamese army. He recalls that they were involved in fighting much more than the American forces, and suffered correspondingly higher casualties. The Americans were referred to as …

‘Too many pictures’

from the documentary Frontline (PG)

Combat cameraman Neil Davis discusses one of the most memorable images of the Vietnam War, when the national police chief shot dead a Vietnamese suspect. Davis tells the full story of how the prisoner was …

Soot-blackened arrows

from the documentary Joe Leahy's Neighbours (G)

At a village gathering, the father of a wounded Ganiga man, shot by a Gaimelka man, has a stand-off with a Lutheran pastor who had been trying to calm things down. Taking no notice of …

No more pretty shoes

from the documentary Land Mines – A Love Story (PG)

Shah reveals the irony of having planted landmines as an Afghan soldier then subsequently being the victim of a mine. His wife, Habiba, has lost a leg to a mine and regrets that she can …

Nicaragua under attack

from the documentary Nicaragua: No Pasaran (PG)

Nicaragua is attacked at its borders by the Contras. They are backed by the USA, which claims that Nicaragua is supplying arms to leftist guerrillas in El Salvador. Tomás Borge, the Nicaraguan Minister for the …

High school students against war in Vietnam

from the documentary Or Forever Hold Your Peace (G)

A pupil from Castle Hill High School delivers a speech about the support from students from the steps of Sydney’s town hall to a huge crowd of protestors against the Vietnam War at a …

‘Go back to Russia’

from the documentary Public Enemy Number One (PG)

Journalist Wilfred Burchett reported the Vietnam War from the 'other side’. After he lost his passport the Australian Government refused to issue him with a replacement. He is seen at a press conference after he …

The Great Leader

from the documentary Pyongyang Diaries (G)

At a celebration at Kim Il Sung Square for the founding day of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (the DPRK or North Korea), a woman speaks to camera about her happiness and her …

‘Our way to socialism’

from the documentary Pyongyang Diaries (G)

Filmmaker Solrun Hoaas ventures onto the streets of North Korea to do some impromptu filming and sees some children gathered on a street corner before the start of school. In what becomes a common instance …

Inside the 38th parallel

from the documentary Pyongyang Diaries (G)

At Panmunjom, the Joint Security Area of the DMZ or Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea, soldiers from both sides silently face-off against one another while tourists and journalists look on. A North Korean …

Escaping from the Taliban

from the documentary Seeking Asylum (PG)

Three Afghans have escaped from the Taliban and arrived in Australia as asylum seekers. They express their views of life in Australia and the reasons for escaping from Afghanistan.

Asylum seekers at work

from the documentary Seeking Asylum (PG)

Afghan asylum seekers are good employees in the rural Victorian town of Loxton. The then Minister for Immigration, Phillip Ruddock, argues that they are not necessarily entitled to permanent status.

‘Punch a postie’

from the documentary Super 8 Soldiers (PG)

Vietnam veterans Rowan Marsh and Peter Stainthorpe recollect the anti-Vietnam demonstrations with ambivalence. They explain that when unions put a go-slow on mail delivery to soldiers in Vietnam as part of the protest, that was …

‘I just didn’t seem to fit in’

from the documentary Super 8 Soldiers (PG)

Vietnam veterans Peter Stainthorpe and Rowan Marsh recall returning to Melbourne after two years of active service in Vietnam. They felt that nothing had changed at home and yet they had changed. They sought out …

‘Click, bang, dead’

from the television program Vietnam (M)

Phil Goddard (Nicholas Eadie) has been called up and is being trained for the war in Indo China. Meanwhile, the politicians are still pretending there are no American troops in Vietnam and that Australian conscripts …

The war is the news

from the television program Vietnam (M)

The slowly disintegrating Goddard family are watching the news. They are painfully aware that their son, Phil (Nicholas Eadie) is in Vietnam as a conscript. The evening news shows the terrible and soon to become …

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