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‘Attack with torpedoes’

from the documentary Australian Navy: Destroyers (G)

This clip shows a demonstration by an Australian Navy destroyer during a practice torpedo launch. It includes real time and slow motion shots of torpedoes being fired from the side of the vessel; the heads …

Fort Denison early history

from the newsreel Australia Today – Fort Denison: [Pinchgut]: A Relic of Early Sydney (G)

This clip covers the early history of Fort Denison, from its initial construction in the 1840s as a defence against a feared invasion, to its completion in 1857, and its manning by Royal Artillery men …

Launch of the HMAS Success

from the historical Cockatoo Island: HMAS Success Launching (G)

HMAS Success is launched from Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour, on 3 March 1984 in front of a huge attending crowd.

Bomb shelter

from the home movie Dyer, Frederick Simpson: Milkshakes and Bomb Shelter (G)

This clip from a black-and-white home movie shows two young girls and a boy entering a bomb shelter in their backyard. The boy wears a military cap and waves from the top of the shelter …

‘First flight trials’

from the sponsored film Ikara the Weapon Thrower (G)

This clip shows the first testing of a scaled down version of the newly developed Ikara missile, conducted at Woomera and Port Wakefield from about February 1961.

Canvas city begins to take shape

from the sponsored film Operation Blowdown (PG)

The aims of the Operation Blowdown test are set out and the troops clear a site in the Cape York rainforest for the location of the test team.

‘Working on the home front’

from the sponsored film South-west Pacific (G)

This clip tells the story of a civilian worker who joined the war by helping to make engines and aircraft for the allies. His address to camera – filmed at a workbench against back projection of …

Women join the war effort

from the sponsored film South-west Pacific (G)

Gwennie (Muriel Steinbeck) is just one of the thousands of women who have joined the war effort – she works in a munitions factory putting trinitrotoluene, or TNT, into shells. She explains that in the last …

Training underwater

from the documentary Submariners (PG)

Commanding officer Steve Hussey conducts training exercises on board the Collins-class submarine HMAS Rankin. During these exercises, a real emergency engulfs the crew when a leaky exhaust valve fills the area with smoke.

Acoustic warfare

from the documentary Submariners (PG)

HMAS Rankin is taking part in Silent Fury, an exercise with the US Navy. The submarine must avoid detection and make it past 'enemy’ ships and helicopters to be victorious. Acoustic warfare specialists explain how …

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