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Over the top

from the documentary Australia in World War 1 (PG)

Australian troops charge out of the trenches, going 'over the top’ to attack the enemy on the Western Front. Bombs explode nearby.

Taking on New York

from the television program Dynasties – The Murdochs (PG)

When Rupert Murdoch took over The New York Post he was already an institution in the UK and Australia. The former Mayor of New York, Ed Koch, reminisces about those times and how Rupert Murdoch …

Connecting the dots

from the television program Four Corners – French Connections (G)

A boys’ own moment of truth. A retired French secret service agent is willing to blow the whistle on the French Government and explain its connection to the Rainbow Warrior affair because there’s outrage …


from the documentary Frontline (M)

Neil Davis talks about working with the South Vietnamese army. He recalls that they were involved in fighting much more than the American forces, and suffered correspondingly higher casualties. The Americans were referred to as …

‘Too many pictures’

from the documentary Frontline (PG)

Combat cameraman Neil Davis discusses one of the most memorable images of the Vietnam War, when the national police chief shot dead a Vietnamese suspect. Davis tells the full story of how the prisoner was …

No more favours

from the feature film Grievous Bodily Harm (PG)

Detective Sergeant Ray Birch (Bruno Lawrence) calls journalist Tom Stewart (Colin Friels) forward at the site of an armed siege. A three-time rapist called Les (Richard Carter) has a woman tied up in a warehouse …

Japan’s taste for whale

from the documentary The Last Whale (PG)

At the Tokyo Fish Market, whale meat sells for US$330 per kilo. If the whale meat is unavailable will they buy more tuna and shark? Japanese people feel that the world’s media is …

Cash for comment

from the television program Media Watch – Series 11 Episode 18 (PG)

John Laws had already been ‘outed’ in a previous program for changing his views about Australian banks in return for money. Laws uses the airwaves at Radio 2UE to put his side of the story …

In Barcelona tonight

from the television program Media Watch – Series 9 Episode 1 (PG)

The Seven Network nightly current affairs program Today Tonight has broadcast a story from Spain about disgraced businessman Christopher Skase, who fled Australia to live in Majorca. Media Watch accuses reporter David Richardson and producer …

‘Not a slaughter’

from the documentary Shadow Play (PG)

After gaining power by a coup in 1965, President Suharto authorised the murder of up to a million of his countrymen using the excuse that they were communist sympathisers. Journalists, Frank Palmos, Don North and …

The war is the news

from the television program Vietnam (M)

The slowly disintegrating Goddard family are watching the news. They are painfully aware that their son, Phil (Nicholas Eadie) is in Vietnam as a conscript. The evening news shows the terrible and soon to become …

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