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Law and order

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Backyard betting

from the newsreel Australia Today – Customs Officers Fight Against Drugs (G)

This newsreel segment begins with a title card which sums it up nicely: ‘slums, illegal gambling and SP bookmaking is a real and vital problem confronting the governments of Australia today’. Following newspaper headlines, the …

Castle prison

from the documentary Barred Wives (PG)

Pam maintains a relationship with a recidivist, Derek, who is serving a life imprisonment term for murder.

Aboriginal law, white man’s law

from the documentary Beating About the Bush (PG)

Band members on tour in the Northern Territory discuss Aboriginal law and its implications. In Victoria police arrest Aborigines on suspicion of breaking the law. In traditional Aboriginal law offenders may be speared or flogged …

Alan Bond

from the documentary Bigger than Texas (PG)

Archival footage shows Perth’s celebrations when Perth businessman Alan Bond’s yacht wins the Americas Cup. In a speech at the launch of his book about Bond, journalist Paul Barry comments on the rise …

McDonaldising prisons

from the documentary Business Behind Bars (G)

A range of experts express concern that privatised prisons in Australia have increased the available cells in prisons, leading to an increase in the prison population. Interviewees include Father Peter Norden of Jesuit Social Services …

Prison listener scheme

from the documentary Business Behind Bars (G)

Harry Papadopoulos, a prisoner in Port Phillip Prison, explains how the prison listener scheme operates. He says that some prisoners self-harm or get distressed by upcoming court cases, family and financial matters. Harry says that …

Up against the law

from the television program Catalyst – Teen Brain (PG)

Monica stole cars for the thrill of it. But suddenly she was 18 and an adult according to the law. When she next stole a car, she went to jail. Now she’s a social …

‘Rally for justice’

from the documentary Demons at Drivetime (PG)

In a publicity stunt engineered by the radio station, a Perth 'shock jock’ radio announcer, Howard Sattler, invited his audience to a rally outside Parliament in 1991 to protest against juvenile crime.

When Sattler is …

Senseless murder

from the documentary Facing the Demons (PG)

Senior Sergeant Terry O’Connell is arranging a restorative justice group to bring the murderers of Ken and Joan’s son and the family together hoping to repair some of the harm done by the …

The magic bullet

from the television program Four Corners – Car Wars (PG)

An Australian invention is set to revolutionise the vehicle security industry and it’s already paying off. A tiny microdot with vehicle identification details is being stamped all over the underside of some of the …

An act of war

from the television program Four Corners – French Connections (G)

A docudrama-style recreation shows how French secret service agents might have planted the explosives that blew up the Rainbow Warrior and killed a Portuguese cameraman sleeping on board the ship.

Connecting the dots

from the television program Four Corners – French Connections (G)

A boys’ own moment of truth. A retired French secret service agent is willing to blow the whistle on the French Government and explain its connection to the Rainbow Warrior affair because there’s outrage …

No soft option

from the television program Four Corners – Inside the Circle (G)

We go 'inside the circle’ to see Circle Sentencing in action. Robert is an Aboriginal man who has been in trouble many times for domestic violence. Now he’s face-to-face with the victim and four …

The Elders will decide

from the television program Four Corners – Inside the Circle (G)

This is the critical moment when Robert must hear his fate. Although the magistrate and the police prosecutor are there and contribute, it’s the Elders who confront Robert with what he’s done and …

‘We all have lives’

from the documentary The Highest Court (PG)

A round table discussion with the chief justice of the High Court, Sir Gerard Brennan, and justices Mary Gaudron, John Toohey, Kenneth Hayne and William Gummow in which they reveal that they, also, live in …

Aboriginal trackers

from the documentary Kimberley Cops (G)

A photographer is lost in remote Western Australia. Constable Charlie Marks and a group of Aboriginal trackers have to find him quickly. They locate the photographer who has a broken ankle.

‘My final statement’

from the documentary Mademoiselle and the Doctor (M)

Euthanasia campaigner Dr Philip Nitschke says he advises many people intent on suicide. Seventy-nine-year-old Lisette Nigot writes her final letter.

The rapist label

from the documentary The Man Who Stole My Mother's Face (PG)

In 1989 Laura Henkel was raped in South Africa. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Laura is additionally hurt that her son blames her for not identifying the man as a rapist and thus preventing the …


from the television program Message Stick – Koori Court (G)

A background to the Koori Court system is given over a montage of Indigenous inmates in prison. Rob Hulls recites the incident that inspired him to have discussions with the Koori community once he became …

Circle justice

from the television program Message Stick – Koori Court (G)

An explanation of the physical and conceptual organisation of the Koori Court. Magistrate Ann Collins explains the informal process of reaching an outcome. Uncle Kevin Coombs speaks of his role as an Elder involved with …

An offer they can’t refuse

from the feature film Money Movers (M)

Henderson (Charles 'Bud’ Tingwell) offers Eric Jackson (Terence Donovan) a proposition – give him two thirds of the $20 million he’s planning to steal from Darcys counting house, or lose his toes, one by one …

Gold tax

from the documentary Riot or Revolution (PG)

In Victoria in the 1850s the introduction of a gold license was extremely unpopular. Although many diggers wanted it abolished immediately, the question of the license could not be separated from more complex questions about …

Beginnings of Eureka

from the documentary Riot or Revolution (PG)

Drawings and archival photographs depict the events that lead to the battle between gold miners and authorities at the Eureka Stockade. It describes the emergence of Peter Lalor as the leader of the Stockade and …

‘The front office doesn’t believe in promises’

from the feature film Stir (PG)

After the transfer of prisoners in the middle of the night, Mr Norton (Max Phipps) comes to apologise to Jackson (Bryan Brown) for the breaking of the deal. Norton talks about the fear he felt …

Two brothers face payback

from the feature film Ten Canoes (PG)

As the men prepare for a big lunch of magpie-geese, cooked in the canoes on the swamp, the narrator (David Gulpilil) returns to the climax of the old story. Ridjimiraril (Crusoe Kurddal) and his brother …

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