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Historical perspectives

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MV Tampa and September 11

from the documentary Anthem: An Act of Sedition (PG)

News footage of the Norwegian freighter MV Tampa carrying over 400 rescued asylum seekers off the coast of Australia is accompanied in a split-screen by barrister Julian Burnside QC who outlines the international laws protecting …

The trauma of Bali

from the documentary Anthem: An Act of Sedition (PG)

A split-screen shows images of the Bali bombings memorial service in Canberra in October 2002 and Brian Deegan, who lost his son Josh in the bombings. As the images of the memorial service unfold on …

Armistice Day, Melbourne

from the newsreel Australasian Gazette – Armistice Day, Melbourne (G)

This silent black-and-white newsreel clip from about 1925 shows a large crowd of people gathered on the steps of Parliament House, Melbourne for an Armistice Day ceremony. The crowd stands for two minutes silence then …

Returned Anzacs

from the newsreel Australasian Gazette – Returned Anzacs (G)

This segment from an Australasian Gazette newsreel shows returned Anzacs marching through Melbourne streets as part of the 'Fill-the-Gap’ recruitment drive. A marching band leads a parade of returned Anzac servicemen holding placards that say …

Founding of Western Australia

from the documentary Bigger than Texas (PG)

The first images in this clip come from the series Land Looking West. They illustrate how the founder of Western Australia, James Stirling, had a vision of the new colony as one run by British …

‘Have you ever met an Aboriginal [person]?’

from the documentary Blood Brothers – Freedom Ride (PG)

Black-and-white historical interview footage gets the response of white folk to Aboriginal people. The footage, shot on city streets, and in homes of white folk, reveals how they view Aboriginal people.

Captain Cook’s cottage

from the documentary Captain Cook's Cottage (G)

Speaking to camera, Mr Russell Grimwade explains the purchase of Captain Cook’s cottage for the people of Victoria and the erection of a monument in its place at Great Ayton, Yorkshire, England to appease …

Mateship in the army

from the documentary Cenotaph (PG)

Over footage of Remembrance Day ceremonies, and archival footage of soldiers in the First World War, surviving ex-servicemen recall the power of mateship and remember their fallen comrades.

Before the revolution

from the television program Compass – Pregnant Pause (PG)

Four Australian women remember the world of their youth. They are from different backgrounds and cultures and yet for each of them the future meant finding Mr Right and settling down to raise a family …

Farming classes at Dookie Agricultural College

from the documentary The Digger Carries On: Repatriation Illustrated (PG)

This clip from a brief documentary shows an observational look at returned First World War servicemen in 1919 as they train to be farmers at Dookie Agricultural College and commence work at Merbein, Victoria. It …

‘As much right as anybody’

from the feature film The Fringe Dwellers (PG)

The girls walk into a cafe for milkshakes. They are told to drink them at the counter. Trilby (Kristina Nehm) urges her family to sit down in a booth. The white patrons taunt them with …

‘Swimmin’ … that’s for white fellas’

from the short film From Sand to Celluloid – Two Bob Mermaid (G)

Aboriginal kids cling to the fence that keeps them out of the pool area. In the pool, Koorine (Carrie Prosser) races a young girl (Megan Drury). They talk about being like Dawn Fraser and Esther …

‘It’s not our bloody war’

from the feature film Gallipoli (PG)

Lost in the desert, on their way to join up, Archy (Mark Lee) and Frank (Mel Gibson) discuss politics, patriotism and the reasons for war.

‘White gold of Australia’

from the feature film Heritage (G)

The great granddaughter of Biddy O’Shea has flown to the Northern Territory station run by Frank Morrison, great grandson of James, to talk about their future together, but they disagree about his ‘prehistoric’ views …

Parade for the Inauguration

from the documentary Inauguration of the Commonwealth (G)

This clip shows part of the official parade for the Inauguration of the Commonwealth on 1 January 1901 as it passes through the temporary gate built especially for the occasion in Hyde Park, Sydney.

The issue of conscription

from the television program Interview with Archbishop Mannix (PG)

In this excerpt from an interview with Dr Daniel Mannix, the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr Mannix describes the circumstances in which he advocated against conscription during the First World War.

Mr Christian’s mutiny

from the feature film In the Wake of the Bounty (PG)

Fletcher Christian (Errol Flynn) sends Edward Young (John Warwick) to break out the arms, as his men seize the captain, Lieutenant Bligh (Mayne Lynton) from his bed. In a flash forward, an old fiddler (Victor …

Boys – lay down your lives for the empire

from the television program More Winners – Boy Soldiers (G)

It’s 1914 and Australia is preparing for a war in Europe. In voice-over, Scratch (Lachlan Jeffrey) recites the reasons why Australia’s young men should fight for the King.

When Sydney rabbito Ned Crocker …

Nellie Melba

from the newsreel Official Opening of Canberra by His Royal Highness the Duke of York (PG)

Dame Nellie Melba sings the national anthem, God Save the King, on the steps of Parliament House (now Old Parliament House), in Canberra at the official opening in 1927. The camera pans across the official …

Official opening of Old Parliament House

from the newsreel Official Opening of Canberra by His Royal Highness the Duke of York (PG)

This shows the Duke of York officially opening Parliament House in 1927, which is now Old Parliament House, in Canberra. A statue of King George V is then unveiled in the foyer and the senators …

‘Victims’ justice is going to prevail’

from the documentary Paying For the Past (PG)

President Rau of Germany publicly apologises to the forced and slave labourers used by German industry during the Second World War. German lawyer Dr Michael Vitti says that getting closure is difficult for the Holocaust …

Veterans of the waterfront

from the documentary Pensions for Veterans (G)

Waterside workers haul sacks of flour to be shipped to Europe and Asia for export. A dramatic symphonic score accompanies a voice-over by Jock Levy describing the difficult conditions of the workers (12,000 men …

‘The native problem’

from the documentary Pioneers of Love (PG)

Historical footage of a newsreel titled The Native Problem in Queensland depicts John Bleakley, Chief Protector of Aborigines, removing Indigenous people to the mission reserves.

This is the Dreaming

from the documentary Sunset to Sunrise (ingwartentyele – arrerlkeme) (G)

Arrernte Mat-utjarra Elder Rupert Max Stuart sits by the fire, telling his descendents a yarn about the Dreaming. Max has a grandfather from the Lurritja side, and a grandfather from the Arrernte side, and says …

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