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Fear of ageing

from the documentary Age Before Beauty (PG)

Women, both old and young, attending the International Women’s Day (IWD) march in Sydney in 1980, talk about how they feel about getting old.

The strike spreads

from the newsreel Australasian Gazette – The Strike Spreads (G)

‘Produce Merchants’ unload perishables from a ship on the docks, possibly part of the New South Wales General Strike of 1917.

The year in review

from the newsreel Australian Movie Magazine No 7201 (PG)

This clip includes scenes of anti-apartheid demonstrations against South African sporting teams; John Gorton’s tour of Vietnam; William McMahon becoming Prime Minister; a wool fashion parade staged in the New Guinea Highlands; an unusual …

A baptism of fire

from the television program Australian Story – Absolute Beginner (PG)

Marg’s first placement with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) was in South Sudan where a terrible civil war had been raging for over 20 years. She was thrown into the work from the …

Environment versus progress

from the documentary The Battle for Byron (PG)

Christine starts to build her house constructed from recycled materials in idyllic Byron Bay. Her world is shattered when the local council approves a quarry next to her house that will mine for gravel for …

Creating a revolution

from the documentary Blood Brothers – Freedom Ride (PG)

Historical footage of Dr Perkins at Sydney University, in the pool halls. Dr Perkins speaks of why segregation must be challenged, and the need for him to fight for the cause of his people.

Children join the bus

from the documentary Blood Brothers – Freedom Ride (PG)

Young children in Moree are given permission to go to the swimming pool with the university students led by Charles Perkins. The children scramble onto the bus, and begin to sing a contemporary popular song …

Picketing during the Great Depression

from the documentary Bread and Dripping (PG)

Timber bosses employed cheap 'scab’ labour to save money. The former employees picketed the mill. Women, led by the Militant Women’s Group (MWG), collected food and money and explained to neighbours the reason for …

Into the history books

from the television program The Dismissal (PG)

In the panic and confusion of the Labor government’s sacking and the packing up and the frenzied shredding of documents, Gough Whitlam stands alone, a tragic figure, before all his friends and colleagues. He …

We Are Going

from the documentary Dreamtime, Machinetime (PG)

Aerial views of Minjerriba (Stradbroke Island), and Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker) walking along the beach with children. Oodgeroo tells us the inspiration for her poetry, and its role in personal and political resistance to white …

Bougainville battlers

from the documentary An Evergreen Island (PG)

The clip describes the extent of the damage from 17 years of toxic waste and pollution from the copper mine, and how the people of Bougainville Island said 'no more’. As the customary owners of …

‘Long live human rights’

from the documentary Fond Memories of Cuba (PG)

Dissident writer Mario is interviewed in the street where pro and anti Fidel protestors gather and argue. Mario is facing an eighteen-month prison sentence for criticising the government. Some of the gathered crowd shout 'Long …

First women’s union

from the documentary For Love or Money (G)

This clip talks about the conditions that led to the Melbourne Tailoresses Strike of 1882 to 1883.

Equal pay paradox

from the documentary For Love or Money (G)

This clip examines the situation for women in the 1930s Depression when many were forced to work as the men in their families were unemployed. Denied equal pay and still being paid piece-rate wages, women …

In the beginning

from the documentary The Foundation 1963–1977 (PG)

The main characters are introduced: Joyce Clague, Gary Foley, and Chicka Dixon – all were present and instrumental in the creation of The Foundation.

Attraction of the wilderness

from the documentary Franklin River Journey (G)

Amateur botanist Antonius Moscal says that rafting down the wilderness of the Franklin River reminds him of the definition of God. Moscal says nature reflects God.

Trees get a chance

from the documentary Give Trees a Chance: The Story of Terania Creek (PG)

Actor Jack Thompson wraps up the documentary, summarising the achievements of the Terania Creek protesters and delivering an impassioned plea to stop the destruction of rainforests.

‘I’m a black Australian’

from the short film Green Bush (PG)

Kenny puts on a cassette tape. He moves through the radio station to the sound of the music. It is a speech by Gary Foley with music playing in the background. Kenny pauses to sing …

‘Welcome to Manila’

from the documentary In Limbo (G)

Linda Phillips, a volunteer law student from Australia, is met by Hoi Trinh, an Australian-Vietnamese lawyer at Manila Airport. Hoi has volunteered to help the Vietnamese boat people who are living in the Philippines as …

Refugee Studies Centre

from the documentary In Limbo (G)

Hoi Trinh is an Australian-Vietnamese lawyer. Oxford University has accepted him into one of the few academic courses dealing with refugees in the world. The clip shows Hoi in class with his teachers Professor Guy …

Day nine

from the documentary Kemira: Diary of a Strike (G)

Wollongong miners are on a sit-in strike after retrenchments. They have been down the mine for nine days. We see them visit the pit-top, where their families greet them. Miner’s wife, Ngaire Wiltshire, talks …

The storming of parliament

from the documentary Kemira: Diary of a Strike (G)

Striking miners travel from Wollongong to Parliament House, Canberra, to protest the retrenchments. The protestors storm the entrance to Parliament House and break the doors in – a first in Australian history.

Loggers versus greenies

from the documentary Loggerheads (PG)

Loggers and greenies discuss issues as the environmentalists set up a blockade to prevent logging. Confrontation leads to accusations like 'parasites’ as the two sides confront each other at the logging site.

The march

from the documentary Minymaku Way: There's Only One Women's Council (PG)

A four-wheel drive makes its way down a stretch of road at Curtin Springs. The women are discussing the alcohol-related fatalities that have occurred here. They reminisce about the 1990 march against the sale of …

High school students against war in Vietnam

from the documentary Or Forever Hold Your Peace (G)

A pupil from Castle Hill High School delivers a speech about the support from students from the steps of Sydney’s town hall to a huge crowd of protestors against the Vietnam War at a …

Park consultations

from the documentary Our Park (PG)

The Whites Creek Valley Park is under the jurisdiction of the Leichhardt Council in Sydney. The plans for the park have been in progress for 50 years. The council plans to demolish two houses and …

Nancy Hillier – Botany resident

from the documentary Port Botany: A Planning Dilemma (G)

Botany resident and member of the Botany Independent Action Group Nancy Hillier reflects on her childhood growing up in a ‘child’s paradise’ in the 1930s harbour suburb. The impact of growing industry and a …

Environmental impacts

from the documentary Port Botany: A Planning Dilemma (G)

Bird lover and ornithologist John Waugh talks about the abundance of birdlife in the Towra wetland area of Botany Bay. Bernie Clarke from the Botany Bay Planning and Protection Council talks about the impact of …

‘Stop filming’

from the documentary South of the Border (PG)

Filmmaker David Bradbury is filming Salvadoran protest song being sung by young people at a train station. A policeman tells him to stop as he does not have permission to film. The crew continues to …

‘Don’t cut ’em to pieces’

from the feature film Sunday Too Far Away (PG)

Foley (Jack Thompson) discovers he has competition from an unknown, Arthur Black (Peter Cummins). Shearing contractor Tim King (Max Cullen) gives Jim the learner (Graham Smith) a second chance.

The war is the news

from the television program Vietnam (M)

The slowly disintegrating Goddard family are watching the news. They are painfully aware that their son, Phil (Nicholas Eadie) is in Vietnam as a conscript. The evening news shows the terrible and soon to become …

Uranium blockade

from the documentary Walking Through a Minefield (G)

Anti-uranium mining protestors block the road access to Jabiluka in the Northern Territory. The mining company issues trespass notices and the NT police clear the road, making several arrests.

The right to protest

from the documentary Walking Through a Minefield (G)

Anti-uranium mining protestors explain their role in the Jabiluka blockade. A woman recalls her first arrest and the mines security officer says that he is in favour of protesting for a cause that he may …

Cat hat

from the documentary Wamsley's War (PG)

John Wamsley describes how he was able to get major press coverage for his cause by wearing a hat made of feral cat skins. He says that if you want to attract attention you need …

Controlled development

from the documentary Waterloo (PG)

In 1980 the government agreed to consult with residents before re-developing Waterloo. Tower blocks of Housing Commission buildings were already built but the remaining surrounding areas were subject to consultation. Local resident Margaret Barry and …

Trouble with the police

from the television program Winners – The Other Facts of Life (G)

Ben (Ken Talbot) teams up with animal activist Esme (Sheila Florance) to break into a factory farm to free battery hens. He is shocked by the conditions. A news crew and the police arrive, and …

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