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Best man on ground

from the feature film Australian Rules (PG)

Prospect Bay has won the grand final in spectacular fashion. At the awards presentation that night, star-player Dumby Red (Luke Carroll) fully expects to be named best player on ground, but the local publican, Big …

Doing it tough

from the television program Chequerboard – It’s Amazing What You Can Do With a Pound of Mince (PG)

A British immigrant couple talk frankly about how they survive on a single basic wage with three children under five and a mountain of hospital bills to pay.

I’m my father’s son

from the television program Chequerboard Revisited – Episode 3: I Reckon I'm an Average Australian (PG)

Kevin is a working class bloke who likes his wife to be at home, caring for him. He’s honest enough to say what he feels about his wife’s new-found assertiveness. He doesn’t …

The past is another country

from the television program Chequerboard Revisited – Episode 3: I Reckon I'm an Average Australian (PG)

Kevin and Margaret were newly married with four young children when we first met them. It’s now 30 years later and many things have changed. The children have grown up and moved away, Kevin …

Before the revolution

from the television program Compass – Pregnant Pause (PG)

Four Australian women remember the world of their youth. They are from different backgrounds and cultures and yet for each of them the future meant finding Mr Right and settling down to raise a family …


from the short film Confessions of a Headhunter (PG)

Vinnie (Kelton Pell) is sitting beneath a tree in the park, sketching from an old photograph. Franky (Bruce Hutchison) approaches him with a photo of his own. In the photograph are both their mothers, who …

Blair’s marriage

from the documentary Harold (PG)

Dorothy Blair recalls how she met and fell in love with Harold. Mixed race marriage was unusual in the 1950s and both families objected. Dorothy’s sister Florence Trevail expresses her views on the marriage …

The lady from Shanghai

from the feature film The Home Song Stories (G)

Soon after Rose (Joan Chen) returns to live with ‘Uncle Bill’ in Melbourne, Bill goes back to sea for four months, leaving her in the house with his disapproving mother (Kerry Walker). Rose decides to …

No kissing allowed

from the short feature Jewboy (PG)

Yuri (Ewan Leslie) helps his grandmother Minnie (Naomi Wilson) as she clears up in the kitchen. Her forearm has the tattoo given to those who were sent to concentration camps during the Second World War …

Promised bride

from the documentary The Joys of the Women (PG)

Kavisha Mazzella performs a song about an arranged marriage to a man in a 'faraway country’ – Australia. The song’s story is acted out music-video style in black and white.

‘What holds your marriage together?’

from the feature film Lantana (PG)

Valerie has disappeared. Detective Zat (Anthony LaPaglia) suspects her husband John (Geoffrey Rush) of having an affair with one of her male patients, Patrick Phelan. John and Zat discuss marriage in a moment of truth.

The lady in question

from the feature film Lonely Hearts (PG)

At the dating agency, Peter (Norman Kaye) is 'introduced’ by proxy to a prospective partner, a young woman called Patricia. He fears he’s too old but the consultant says she needs a mature man …

Grief is uncharted territory

from the documentary Losing Layla (PG)

Vanessa and Michael discuss the complexities of the grief they felt over the death of their baby daughter, Layla.


from the documentary Loved Up – Lore of Love (PG)

The old women sit in the sand, the younger women next to them. The old women draw the skin system – or the lores of marriage – in the sand. The younger women are being taught the …

‘How extraordinary we are’

from the television program Mum’s the Word – Episode 9 (PG)

A group of women speak with passion about the wonder of childbirth and the joy of having a child and how that has changed their lives.

What was this pain about?

from the short feature My Life Without Steve (G)

Liz affirms her commitment to love, but vows never to repeat (or at least try never to repeat) the experience of loss she has felt after the end of the relationship with Steve. She quotes …

‘Felicity is a girl of delicate sensibility’

from the feature film The Night the Prowler (PG)

In a flashback, Doris (Ruth Cracknell) plots the marriage of her daughter Felicity (Kerry Walker) to a rising young Canberra diplomat, John (John Derum). Felicity is late home, so Doris tries to entice John with …

For fear of it finishing

from the television program Seven Deadly Sins - Envy (M)

Kerry’s hard bitten mother, played superbly by Jacqy Phillips, doles out some advice born of bitter experience as she washes her daughter Kerry’s (Belinda McClory) hair. She is determined Kerry won’t have …

The lover

from the television program Seven Deadly Sins - Pride (PG)

Roger Pascoe (Colin Friels) is directing his wife (Elizabeth Alexander) and their actor friend and drama teacher (Linden Wilkinson) in the play by Strindberg The Stronger.

Dating in Melbourne

from the documentary Singles Club (PG)

Mark and Michelle arrange to date. Ange contacts Annie on the internet.

Ange and Annie

from the documentary Singles Club (PG)

Ange and Annie were dating and decided to cool off. In this clip we witness their reunion.

Kate’s ambivalence

from the documentary So Simple, So Hard … (PG)

Kate is a single mother with a five-year-old son, Liam, seeking a life partner. Peter, a fireman, invites her and her son to visit his work place. Kate acknowledges that Liam is delighted but she …

‘Mothers don’t give up their babies easily’

from the television program Touch the Sun – Princess Kate (G)

Kate visits a volunteer organisation to get help to locate her birth parents. Barry (Nick Enright) explains why there is so much secrecy around the details of adoption.

A very close friendship

from the feature film The Trespassers (PG)

Penny (Briony Behets) and Dee (Judy Morris) have gone to a house by the sea for a weekend alone but a succession of men passes through, including two men whose car has broken down. When …

‘You’ve got no right to object’

from the feature film The Trespassers (M)

Richard (John Derum) has arrived unannounced, and uninvited, at the house by the sea. He has not known until then of his wife’s new friendship with his lover. Neither woman gives him a warm …

Bankers and kids

from the television program Two Tribes (PG)

We discover the hopes and dreams of a group of inner-city kids and a group of bankers who will pair off and work to create a project together over several months. The projects will reflect …

Fulfilling her father’s dream

from the television program Winners – Room to Move (G)

Carol (Nicole Kidman) is feeling the pressure from home to work harder on her training and her attitude towards competition. At dinner, Peter Trig (Terence Donovan) criticises her laidback approach to her last race, while …

Hypnosis on the hill

from the feature film The Year My Voice Broke (PG)

In their secret place on the hill, Danny (Noah Taylor) offers to hypnotise Freya (Loene Carmen) to help her stop smoking – but he has something else on his mind as well.

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