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Ininti seed

from the documentary Cool Drink and Culture (G)

Young women speak about how the old people used to show them bush tucker, dances, and how to make necklaces with ininti seeds. The young women talk about how the children now do not know …

The joy of living

from the advertisement Nestle's MILO Cinema Advertisement: The Joy of Living (G)

To be bright and full of energy in the mornings, it is crucial to get a good night’s rest. A man who has a heavy dinner, reads horror books and tosses and turns all …

I have seen it all

from the documentary Sammy Butcher, Out of the Shadows (G)

A teenage band put together by Sammy Butcher performs for an audience. Sammy talks about the kind of songs he and the children write together, and one song ‘Ngayulu Nyangu’ which means I have seen …


from the documentary Wirriya: Small Boy (G)

Ricco sits amongst a group of children roughly the same age as himself. They are learning about maps of the world, as well as Warlpiri.

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