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Human growth and development

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‘Where are you blokes from?’

from the feature film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (M)

After a drunken night at a pub in Broken Hill, the three drag artists – Mitzi (Hugo Weaving), Felicia (Guy Pearce) and Bernadette (Terence Stamp) – awake to find their bus defaced with an anti-gay slogan. They …

God is love

from the documentary Alicia (PG)

A doctor describes Alicia’s condition and poor prognosis after the accident. Alicia and her family re-enact how they gathered round her hospital bed to pray while she is in a critical condition. Alicia and …

Coming out to the family

from the television program Australian Story – Since Adam Was a Boy (PG)

This is a searingly honest moment in which Adam’s parents truthfully tell how they felt when Adam told them he was gay.

They had anticipated the continuance of the family name and a mess …

‘You’re never gonna get out of this place’

from the feature film Beneath Clouds (PG)

Lena (Dannielle Hall) is sitting in a bus shelter. Her brother Liam (Mundurra Weldon) skids to a halt on his bike. Liam asks for money. A police car drives by. All eyes are on the …

Performance at the Japanese disabled festival

from the documentary Big Bag's Japanese Adventure (PG)

The Big Bag Band performs ‘Hare Disco’ at the Japanese disabled arts festival. The Japanese audience is delighted.

‘Wealthy on the inside’

from the documentary Big People, Small People (PG)

A woman describes the breakdown of her marriage after their newly built 'dream home’ was condemned due to faulty construction. Her husband could not survive emotionally without his wealth security blanket. She says quality of …

Social justice

from the documentary Big People, Small People (PG)

Michael Leunig sees our inability to say 'enough is enough’ as a problem while John Howard considers it to be the acceptable price of progress.

‘Life upside down’

from the documentary Billal (PG)

Late teen Lebanese-Australian Billal, permanently brain damaged from a car accident, is undergoing an operation for the third time. The surgeon explains that fluid has built up in Billal’s brain causing him to gain …

Death at first sight

from the documentary Body Work (PG)

Workers in the funeral industry describe their reactions the first time they saw a dead body.


from the documentary Body Work (PG)

The workers explain the cremation process in explicit detail.

Winning and losing

from the documentary Boys and Balls (PG)

Tears and triumphs follow the end of the game. Boys and men talk frankly about winning, losing and crying.

Surviving an accident

from the documentary Carcrash (PG)

Car drivers describe what they gained and what they lost from their car accident.

A typical teenager

from the television program Catalyst – Teen Brain (PG)

Cuinn is a typical teenager. He’s 16 years old and full of curiosity. He’s creative, thrillseeking and learning to break away from his parents’ world. But according to the latest science, his brain …

Up against the law

from the television program Catalyst – Teen Brain (PG)

Monica stole cars for the thrill of it. But suddenly she was 18 and an adult according to the law. When she next stole a car, she went to jail. Now she’s a social …

Musical paralysis

from the documentary Dance of Nature: The Music of Ross Edwards (PG)

Australian composer Ross Edwards went to London to study composition. He worked obsessively in a damp flat and began to feel claustrophobic, which affected his work. He moved to the countryside of Yorkshire in Northern …

‘Let’s try to put it all behind us’

from the television program The Dirtwater Dynasty (PG)

Richard Eastwick (Hugo Weaving) has a second son, Richie (Robert Menzies), who has returned from the Second World War a broken man. He was a prisoner of war of the Japanese and seems unable to …

‘Hiding behind a character’

from the documentary Gillies (PG)

Actor Max Gillies is a guest on Michael Parkinson’s show. The then Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, is also a guest. Gillies uses gestures, make-up and voice impersonation to pretend to be the real Bob …

‘She’s got a heart like a bullock!’

from the television program I Can Jump Puddles (G)

Maggie Mulligan (Sally Anne Bourne) uses her strength to show up Mr Tucker (Don Barker) in the classroom after he has ridiculed Alan (Adam Garnett). Later, Maggie and Joe Carmichael (David Clencie) and Alan’s …

‘Try the lot, no matter what the risk’

from the television program I Can Jump Puddles (G)

Alan (Adam Garnett) and his father (Tony Barry) discuss the problem Alan is having with the bully Macintyre, contemplating ways Alan can beat him. His mother (Julie Hamilton) is distressed at what is happening as …

Shooting straight

from the television program If Only – Series 1 Episode 5 (PG)

Cos was a crack shot out on the rifle range and enjoyed his place on the 'A’ team. Over the years his eyesight began to fade and he was dropped back to the 'C’ team …

AIDS awareness

from the documentary A Kid Called Troy (PG)

Eight-year-old Troy acknowledges the causes and effects of his AIDS condition.

Midwives turned into witches

from the documentary Midwives … Lullabies … and Mother Earth (PG)

Natural birth pioneer Dr Michel Odent says that midwives always attended at births until the Catholic church stopped this practice in the 17th century.

Boys’ boarding school

from the documentary A Personal History of the Australian Surf: Being the Confessions of a Straight Poofter (PG)

Michael Blakemore remembers that excellence in sport was the main criteria for success in his boarding school.

‘Something to fall back on’

from the documentary A Personal History of the Australian Surf: Being the Confessions of a Straight Poofter (PG)

Michael’s father told young Michael that the world was divided into three groups, 'fools, crooks and gentlemen’. By deciding to be an artist (theatre director) young Michael fell into the fool category. His father …


from the documentary Prahran 3181: Swimming in the Backyard (PG)

Dael finds the pool a comfort during unsuccessful IVF treatment. She and her husband adopt a Korean child. The pool is the centre of their social life.

‘Healthy minds in healthy bodies’

from the documentary The Rising Generation (G)

A panorama shot of the grounds captures students standing on a square and then moving to form lines. They begin a callisthenics routine – all in time with each other. The boys and girls are grouped …

Pressure to perform

from the documentary Spirit 2000: Countdown to Sydney (G)

Primary school girls compete to be chosen for the Australian gymnastics team. Pressure is on the young gymnasts as they train at the Western Australian Institute of Sport. The girls and coaches are interviewed in …

‘We’re all friends’

from the documentary Stepping Out (G)

Romayne, a Sunshine Home drama group member, introduces us to the idiosyncrasies of some of the other members.

‘We do exist’

from the documentary Stepping Out (G)

Residents of The Lorna Hodgkinson Sunshine Home for the intellectually handicapped are being fitted for costumes for the upcoming performance at the Sydney Opera House.

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