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Famous figures in sport

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The last innings of Victor Trumper

from the newsreel Australasian Gazette – The Last Innings of Victor Trumper (G)

This newsreel footage shows part of the funeral procession of Australian cricketer Victor Trumper. A large group of men march in front of a horse-drawn vehicle carrying the casket of Victor Trumper as it approaches …

The year in review

from the newsreel Australian Movie Magazine No 7201 (PG)

This clip includes scenes of anti-apartheid demonstrations against South African sporting teams; John Gorton’s tour of Vietnam; William McMahon becoming Prime Minister; a wool fashion parade staged in the New Guinea Highlands; an unusual …

Coming from behind

from the television program Australian Story – A Man for All Seasons (PG)

In an interview accompanied by photos from his childhood, Wayne Bennett describes how, as a young boy, he made a vow to his mother that he would never drink or gamble. His younger brother Bob …

Rewriting the record books

from the television program Bodyline (PG)

At a garden party, Douglas Jardine (Hugo Weaving), the very model of an English gentleman and a very fine cricketer, is discussing the phenomenon of the young Donald Bradman (Gary Sweet) with his friends and …

Our Don Bradman

from the documentary The Bradman Era (PG)

In an excerpt from the 1931 Australasian Films featurette That’s Cricket, Don Bradman, regarded as the greatest cricketer of all time, addresses the camera. We hear the popular song Our Don Bradman written by …

One wave, one surfer

from the documentary Crystal Voyager (G)

After a great day surfing with his friend Richie West, George Greenough goes back to work on his boat, a 37-foot hull on which he is building his own cabin. He explains his philosophy of …

Don Bradman in England

from the newsreel Don Bradman in England (PG)

Don Bradman is interviewed in 1930 while on tour in England. It is an informal interview, with Bradman talking casually as he puts on his cricket jumper and jacket.

Bradman discusses the dull light in …

A great footballer

from the television program Dynasties – The Rose Family (PG)

When Bob Rose came to Melbourne to seek his fortune as a young man, he came as a boxer. Very soon his first love of football was recognised and he began to play for the …

The Australian cricket team in Ceylon and Naples

from the home movie Henshall, Mr: Australian Cricketers Visit Ceylon, Naples, Switzerland and Practise at Lords (G)

The Australian cricket team walks onto the field in Colombo, Sri Lanka, captained by Bill Woodfull. The next shot is of the players – formally dressed in three-piece suits and hats – on the streets of Port …

The will to win

from the documentary What Makes a Champion (G)

As the one-mile race is run with athletes including Herb Elliott, Bob Vaag, Merv Lincoln and Albie Thomas, the narrator examines the techniques, strategies and temperaments that come into play. What makes a champion stand …

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