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Back to school

from the documentary All About Olive (PG)

At 105 years old, Olive Riley goes back to her school in Broken Hill to meet the current students. Parts of Olive’s early life are re-enacted. Corporal punishment was practiced in the school. Olive …

Bullying at school

from the documentary Bitter Herbs and Honey (PG)

The new Jewish boy at school is bullied by two boys.

The Friends’ School

from the television program Compass – Quakers: Seeking the Light Within (PG)

Peter Jones is a teacher of comparative religion at the Friends’ School in Tasmania. He feels that only by understanding each other’s religion can we truly accept other people’s differences.

‘What’s your name? What’s your father?’

from the feature film The Getting of Wisdom (G)

Laura (Susannah Fowle) arrives in the refectory at her new school, an upper class ladies’ college in Melbourne, carrying a cake made by her mother. She is frightened and alone. The deputy headmistress, Miss Chapman …

Work and play

from the documentary The Rising Generation (G)

From a raised position, the camera films the children as they file off from school assembly and walk to class. They march in step with each other, forming perfect lines, and each row peels off …

‘Healthy minds in healthy bodies’

from the documentary The Rising Generation (G)

A panorama shot of the grounds captures students standing on a square and then moving to form lines. They begin a callisthenics routine – all in time with each other. The boys and girls are grouped …

The Boys’ and Girls’ Travelling Library

from the documentary Travelling Library (PG)

Children from a school in Arcadia gather around the back of the red-and-white boys’ and girls’ travelling library truck. Some of the children are shown climbing in to the back and emerging with books in …

Bankers and kids

from the television program Two Tribes (PG)

We discover the hopes and dreams of a group of inner-city kids and a group of bankers who will pair off and work to create a project together over several months. The projects will reflect …

What would you have done?

from the television program Winners – Top Kid (G)

Gary (Emil Minty) has been asked to cheat on the radio quiz show and asks Brother Kennedy (Joss McWilliam) and the Headmaster (Rhys McConnochie) for advice, but the brothers can’t give him a clear …

School, activities, food and leisure

from the documentary A World for Children (G)

Children run in races at the centre’s sports day, while parents look on. Some of the children play tunnel ball outside one of the housing quarters. The kindergarten provides toys and games for younger …

School bullies

from the feature film The Year My Voice Broke (PG)

Danny (Noah Taylor) gets a dunking from classmates for writing secret love poetry; Trevor (Ben Mendelsohn) rescues him and wins favour from his love interest, Freya (Loene Carmen).

Hypnosis on the hill

from the feature film The Year My Voice Broke (PG)

In their secret place on the hill, Danny (Noah Taylor) offers to hypnotise Freya (Loene Carmen) to help her stop smoking – but he has something else on his mind as well.

The lonely pleasures of a country dance

from the feature film The Year My Voice Broke (PG)

He’s alone, she’s alone, everyone’s alone at the mid-year dance, a cheerless gathering for all concerned. Danny (Noah Taylor) makes a statement with his outfit, a little bit Marlon Brando, a little …

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