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Gipsy Moth in flight

from the home movie Activities of the Royal Aero Club of South Australia (G)

A DH60G 'de Havilland’ Gipsy Moth is prepared for flight at the Adelaide Parafield. Chief pilot of the Royal Aero Club of South Australia Jack Buckham, locks the wings of the plane into position. The …

‘Silent terror of the deep’

from the newsreel Australia Today – Man-Eater (G)

On the sparkling beaches of Australia, where people relax and enjoy the summer, life guards patrol the beaches and remain alert to the dangers of sharks lurking in the shallow beach water.

The circus arrives

from the documentary Behind the Big Top (G)

Once the circus train has arrived, the task of unloading begins. The elephants and ponies are guided out of the carriages. The elephants are then shown pulling the poles for the big top from the …

Inside the sawdust arena

from the documentary Behind the Big Top (G)

The procession of performers and circus acts passes by the camera to enter the big top arena including horses, clowns and elephants. Some of the acts are filmed including a female lion tamer, a cycling …

In the old days

from the television program A Big Country – The White Rose (G)

Frank Bourke’s old-time dance band is probably the last of its kind in Australia. He has a loyal following of country folk who are following a tradition passed down ever since their ancestors settled …

Blue mountains scenery

from the home movie Browne, George: Blue Mountains (G)

Various scenes in and around the Blue Mountains are shown including: bathers in a pool; Leura gardens; holiday homes; Leura golf course; the Katoomba cascades and the Three Sisters rock formation.


from the documentary Cinderella on Strings (G)

This clip depicts a marionette theatre performance of the fairytale Cinderella. It begins with a pop-up book depicting scenes from the story and then the marionettes perform the tale. It shows the puppeteers above the …

Beach scenes

from the home movie Farey: Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge (PG)

A beach scene from the 1930s is captured on this home movie clip taken by Leslie Francis Farey. People are shown lying on the beach and a group of people swim between the flags while …

A country cricket match

from the feature film Grandad Rudd (G)

Grandad Rudd (Bert Bailey) challenges his neighbour Mr Regan (Les Warton) to a family cricket match, in order to avoid having to pay Regan for some pigs. The Irish Regan accepts, stipulating his own rules …

Locals cool off at the weir

from the home movie Holmes, Mr WGA: Locals Cool Off at the Weir, Theodore (G)

Two boys run and dive into the Dawson River alongside Theodore weir as others look on, some sit on the waters edge. A car drives across the top of the weir as pedestrians cross in …

Time for a feast

from the short film Magical Powers (G)

Having conjured a table and tablecloth out of nowhere, a young man (Doug Rosenthal) uses his new magical powers to produce a banquet of drinks, cakes and fruits. After eating all the food in front …

Recreational activities

from the documentary Marvellous Melbourne: Queen City of the South (G)

This clip shows the Henley-on-Yarra regatta and celebrations; the agricultural showgrounds and ‘fair barrackers at a football match’. Each segment is introduced with an intertitle.

The Brisbane Exhibition

from the home movie McIlwraith, Peter: Brisbane Show and Moonbi Park (G)

This home movie clip shows various scenes filmed by Peter McIlwraith at the Brisbane Exhibition (or 'Ekka’) in the 1950s. It includes: scenes of a merry-go-round with children and adults riding on the horse-shaped seats …

Kings Cross at night

from the home movie McKenzie, Roger and Kent, Bernie: Around Sydney with a Camera (G)

A series of neon signs flash in a dark background. A view down Darlinghurst Road is just visible, with the headlights of cars tracing a path through the darkness.

The Adams family

from the documentary Northern Safari (G)

Keith F Adams, his wife Audrey, his sister Margaret and their dog Tiger prepare for the long journey north to the Northern Territory. The equipment and provisions are laid out on the lawn of the …

Not for Sunday drivers

from the documentary Overland Adventure: The Story of the 1954 Redex Reliability Trial (PG)

Between Townsville and Mount Isa the roads become more rugged and difficult to negotiate as the cars’ suspension and shock absorbers are pushed to their limits. The action is shot from a number of positions …

‘A great day for the Murrays’

from the documentary Overland Adventure: The Story of the 1954 Redex Reliability Trial (PG)

‘Gelignite’ Jack Murray and his navigator and co-driver Bill Murray cross the finish line first at the Sydney Showground to loud cheers. At the State Theatre in Sydney, the Redex managing director and president of …

Taxing the diggers

from the television program Peach's Gold – Eureka (PG)

Bill Peach tells the story of the diggers’ frustrations that led eventually to the Eureka Stockade. The police, called Traps, would harry the hard-working miners, demanding to sight their mining licences and menacing them at …

‘Damned yankee’

from the feature film The Picture Show Man (G)

Mr Pym (John Meillon) sees an unexpected and unwanted visitor as he struggles with a bogged wagon – his former protégé Pete Palmer (Rod Taylor), now his chief rival. Disgruntled piano player Lou (Garry McDonald) decides …

A modern ‘palatial hotel’

from the documentary Round About Townsville (G)

A sepia-tinted static shot of a luxury hotel exterior gives way to the interior open lounge spaces and Colonial architecture of the hotel’s interior. Colonnades leading to the outside balcony are visible and guests …

Magnetic Island

from the documentary Round About Townsville (G)

An intertitle describing Magnetic Island – only six miles from Townsville – introduces sepia-tinted images of passengers on board the daily service from Townsville. Another title card explaining Magnetic Island’s beaches and picturesque thatched roofed bungalows …

‘The Snowy Mountains song’

from the sponsored film Snowy Hydro - Where Men and Mountains Meet (PG)

At night, in the recreation hut of one of the Snowy Mountains Scheme workers’ camps, the men sing 'The Snowy Mountains song’.

Holiday lifestyles

from the historical Sorrento (G)

The holiday accommodation in Sorrento is shown, along with tennis courts and gardens. A title card ‘all the girls are lovely by the seaside’ introduces men in their swimming trunks and women with parasols relaxing …

The St Kilda Esplanade on Boxing Day

from the historical The St Kilda Esplanade on Boxing Day (G)

This silent clip shows the St Kilda esplanade and foreshore on Boxing Day 1913. People relax on the grass, enjoy amusement rides at Luna Park and swim at the beach.

Sherry, olives and cocker spaniels

from the newsreel Tatler Social Newsreel: Social Party in South Yarra (G)

This clip shows a sherry party held by Melbourne socialite Jenny Faulkner, husband of Lou Connolly, at her home in South Yarra. The guests include a young shipping magnate, a German wool buyer, the wife …

Surfing, a national sport

from the documentary Thrill of the Surf (PG)

Commentator John Moyes explains that men are making surfboards out of plywood. A line of surfers carry their boards down to the shore and paddle out towards the breakers. The camera follows their path, capturing …

Bondi Surf Carnival

from the newsreel Travelogue of Eastern States (PG)

This clip documents the spectacle of a large surf carnival on Bondi Beach in approximately 1929. The surf clubs march on the sand and lifesavers give a resuscitation demonstration.

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