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Laying the railway line

from the documentary Across the Trans-continental Railway: From Kalgoorlie to Port Augusta (G)

Railway workers unload materials from a railway truck for the construction of a segment of the trans-continental railway line. Two men in a horsedrawn buggy ride past the camera. Another view shows men laying timber …

From slurry to clinker to cement

from the documentary Australian Cement in the Making (G)

This clip shows part of the process of refining slurry into clinker then cement. The slurry is agitated by large paddles in a basin, then shown in a rotary kiln being fired by pulverised coal …

‘A commercial enterprise’

from the sponsored film Australia Post – Australia Post Inc (G)

In this clip Michael Talbot, Australia Post deputy state manager of New South Wales, addresses controlling postal managers (CPMs) and postal managers (PMs) directly, informing them of why and how things must change for post …

The end of an era

from the advertisement Australia Post – Changing Times (G)

This is an Australia Post television commercial (TVC) informing the public of the split of the Postmaster-General’s Department into two independent Commissions.

Dear Cathy

from the advertisement Australia Post – Letter Writing Venice (G)

This is an Australia Post television commercial (TVC) advertising postage by airmail.

Motivation to compete

from the sponsored film Australia Post – Meeting the Challenge (G)

In this clip Michael Talbot, acting deputy state manager of New South Wales, talks about Australia Post’s new private business competitors and how the organisation is dealing with becoming a commercially based enterprise.


from the sponsored film Australia Post – News Release E-Post Electronic Mail (G)

This clip explains the procedure involved in the new E-Post service.

History of the TPO service

from the sponsored film Australia Post – The Last of the TPOs (G)

This clip uses stills from Australia Post’s extensive photographic collection to trace the early history of cooperation between the postal and rail services. Using New South Wales as the example, it goes on to …

Corporate image

from the advertisement Australia Post – We Deliver 1 (G)

This is an Australia Post television commercial (TVC) promoting the organisation’s new corporate image.

Building a motor body

from the sponsored film Building a Motor Body (G)

Large power presses stamp the panels for the car bodies. As the press is lifted, one man removes the panel and another places a flat sheet into the machine. A worker in goggles welds the …

Building the ‘iron horse’

from the sponsored film Building a Railway Engine (G)

This clip begins with the iron frame of the steam engine being lowered down onto its base, guided by workers standing below. A series of dissolves into close shots detail the men tightening bolts and …

Geelong’s secondary industries

from the sponsored film The City of Geelong (G)

A montage of business plaques and signs introduces the growing secondary industry that Geelong cultivates. To the sound of cheerful music, factory workers, assembly plants, fabric manufacturers, cement works, harvesters and motor vehicle manufacturers are …

‘Mind the curve’

from the documentary Commuting by Cable (PG)

In 1885 Melbourne introduced the cable tram for citizens to commute. The clip includes shots of children and adults in and on horse-drawn vehicles, bicycles and a steam-hauled train. We also shots of a steam …

Rail bus

from the home movie Double-decker Bus and Rail Motor (G)

Men are gathered around a rail bus that sits at the depot. An elevated camera captures a rail bus as it pulls out of the depot and travels along the rail tracks out towards the …

Footscray, 1911

from the historical Footscray 1911 (G)

This clip captures scenes of daily life in the main streets of Footscray, Melbourne, in 1910 and 1911.

First women’s union

from the documentary For Love or Money (G)

This clip talks about the conditions that led to the Melbourne Tailoresses Strike of 1882 to 1883.

Day nine

from the documentary Kemira: Diary of a Strike (G)

Wollongong miners are on a sit-in strike after retrenchments. They have been down the mine for nine days. We see them visit the pit-top, where their families greet them. Miner’s wife, Ngaire Wiltshire, talks …

The storming of parliament

from the documentary Kemira: Diary of a Strike (G)

Striking miners travel from Wollongong to Parliament House, Canberra, to protest the retrenchments. The protestors storm the entrance to Parliament House and break the doors in – a first in Australian history.

Dulkaninna Station

from the documentary Last Mail from Birdsville: The Story of Tom Kruse (G)

George Bell of the Dulkaninna Station and his family have relied on the mailman for over a century. Mail was first delivered by camel, then Kruse delivered it by truck and now it comes by …

The wool industry

from the documentary A Nation is Built (G)

A close-up of a ‘modern stud’ sheep is shown to be the product of a ‘century’s breeding’. Sheep are hand-shorn by manual clippers; a flock of sheep at shearing season is shown; sheering sheds …

Municipal tramways

from the documentary Opening of the Prahran-Malvern Tramway (G)

The camera pans across a large crowd gathered in the Malvern tram depot as a man standing on a spiral staircase addresses the audience. There are trams in a shed in the background. The camera …

Carriage interiors and fittings

from the documentary Spirit of Progress: Australia's Wonder Train (G)

The interior features of the Spirit of Progress are detailed including the wide windows, double panes of shatter-proof glass, well upholstered seating, selected Australian timber veneers, soft lighting and individual reading lamps. The train’s …

Launching ceremony and inaugural trip

from the documentary Spirit of Progress: Australia's Wonder Train (G)

The Premier of Victoria, Albert Dunstan, declares the Spirit of Progress ‘one of the finest passenger trains in the world’ in front of a large crowd. The inaugural trip departs Melbourne’s Spencer Street Station …

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