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Global issues

The following clips have teachers’ notes related to this topic:

A baptism of fire

from the television program Australian Story – Absolute Beginner (PG)

Marg’s first placement with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) was in South Sudan where a terrible civil war had been raging for over 20 years. She was thrown into the work from the …

US military in Philippines

from the documentary Dirty War (PG)

The US Clark Air Base in the Philippines was vacated after 45 years. A US army study found the area was polluted by solvents, acids, petrol and other toxic substances. Harry Kelso, environmental attorney and …

‘The Americans are coming’

from the documentary Dirty War (PG)

The US forces are to use Shoalwater Bay in central Queensland for a training base. Military officials say they are concerned about the environment and acting responsibly. Some locals are concerned about the pollution possibilities …

Two Aussie families

from the television program Eco House Challenge – Episode 1, Stop Your Gassing (G)

Both families are introduced in this pre-title sequence so that we can begin to empathise, while the eco coach and the moderator explain the ground rules of the challenge.

In a bind

from the television program Eco House Challenge – Episode 3, Emission Impossible (G)

The clamp has come off the Shepherds’ family car and the electricity is back on for the Edwards family. Now for the hard part. The Edwards can’t seem to bring their energy consumption down …

The wrong place

from the feature film Lucky Miles (PG)

The six Iraqis and six Cambodians have swum ashore from the Indonesian fishing boat. The captain Muluk (Sawung Jabo) tells them to climb a sand dune and wait for a bus, but he knows there …

Digging an oil well

from the sponsored film The Origin of Oil (G)

As the camera travels along a river, it captures oil rigs and wells built in the forested hillsides. This is followed by a closer shot of one of these wells. In a sequence which uses …

Avian flu in Hong Kong

from the documentary Super Flu: Race Against a Killer (PG)

In 1997 Avian flu erupted in Hong Kong. The government destroyed all chickens and the outbreak was contained. Virologists Robert Webster and Albert Osterhaus talk about the potential for human transmission.

Trouble with the police

from the television program Winners – The Other Facts of Life (G)

Ben (Ken Talbot) teams up with animal activist Esme (Sheila Florance) to break into a factory farm to free battery hens. He is shocked by the conditions. A news crew and the police arrive, and …

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