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Wokabout Marketing

from the documentary Advertising Missionaries (PG)

Andrew Rose is a marketing executive based in Port Moresby. He organises a troupe of actors who perform vignettes in remote villages to promote the purchase of Western goods. Omo, the washing powder, is demonstrated.

Children’s birthday party

from the home movie Albion, Douglas: Children's Party (G)

This clip includes five-year-old Wally being picked up and hugged by his parents; an older man dressed as Santa Claus; children on a seesaw and playing ring-a-rosie; Wally being pushed on a swing by his …

‘Wealthy on the inside’

from the documentary Big People, Small People (PG)

A woman describes the breakdown of her marriage after their newly built 'dream home’ was condemned due to faulty construction. Her husband could not survive emotionally without his wealth security blanket. She says quality of …

Social justice

from the documentary Big People, Small People (PG)

Michael Leunig sees our inability to say 'enough is enough’ as a problem while John Howard considers it to be the acceptable price of progress.

The honeymooners return

from the advertisement Bushells Tea: The Charmed Cup (PG)

This clip is part two in a three-part, serialised Bushells tea cinema advertisement. It shows the newly-married couple returning from their honeymoon on a cruise ship, proving that the tea reading in part one has …

‘Is it all right to take pictures?’

from the documentary Cannibal Tours (PG)

Tourists take photos of the local people and pay a fee. A young Papua New Guinean is interviewed about his response to tourism.

Willie’s song

from the sponsored film Commonwealth Bank – Willie Wombat: Waste Not Want Not (G)

Willie lounges and plays while the other animals, showing foresight, collect and deposit food (or in the case of the dog, signposts) in the bank.

The electric Early Kooka stove

from the advertisement Electric Stove Cinema Advertisement: Banish Drudgery (G)

‘Mrs Sydney’ (Pat Firman) prepares an evening meal for her husband with her newly acquired electric range while a voice-over emphasises the stove’s economy and efficiency. At the end of the advertisement, she asks …

‘A great new feeling’

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – A Great New Feeling (G)

This advertisement for the 1969 Holden HT Kingswood sedan features voice-over narration and an accompanying jingle about the 'new generation Holden’. It begins and ends with typical scenes of friends at the beach. The Kingswood …

‘Australia’s ideal family car’

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – Australia’s Ideal Family Car (G)

A young family climb into their Holden and drive through the suburbs as the voice-over narration describes the car’s suitability for a family. A close-up of the internal steering mechanism demonstrates the re-circulating ball …

‘The average man’

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – FE Holden: The Average Man (G)

This clip explains the methods used to design the new model FE Holden. A GMH employee holds a transparent plastic life-size model to demonstrate how the 'average man’ determines the proportions of …

‘More than just transportation’

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – Monaro, Three New Models (G)

This advertisement for the Holden Monaro HK begins on the racetrack amongst sleek sports cars, champion drivers (including Norm Beechey) and adoring female fans. A sequence of still images of foreign sports cars and sophisticated …

Range of products

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – Range of Products (G)

In a suburban street, a woman driving a Holden pulls up to do her Saturday morning shopping. Other GMH cars, including a Vauxhall, Chevrolet and Pontiac, are shown. The woman enters a …

‘Happier family motoring’

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – To Suit All Family Needs (G)

A family of six walk out of their house to the car. One of the sons helps his father pack the luggage into the boot as a voice-over narrator describes the spacious interior of the …

Santa lands at Farm Cove

from the advertisement Here Comes Santa (G)

This clip from a silent, black-and-white cinema advertisement for Anthony Hordern & Sons shows Santa landing on Sydney Harbour by seaplane and being rowed ashore to Lady Macquarie’s Chair where he is welcomed by a …

‘Bonza is tops, Bonza is ace!’

from the television program Lift Off – That's Not Fair – Part B (G)

Poss (Erin Pratten) is astonished when the spruikers from the ‘Bonza’ cereal TV advertisement come right out of the TV set and into the living room. They persuade Poss and her friend Kim (Maria Nguyen …

Investing in the unknown

from the short film Mimi (PG)

An art auction. A woman is purchasing two pieces of art – a Mimi statue and a painting of a barramundi fish.

Do you know any ‘real Aborigines’?

from the short film Mimi (PG)

Thornton not only pokes fun at the ignorance of conservative white purchasers of Indigenous art, but also exploits the paradigm of 'authentic Aboriginality’. The same ignorance Catherine (Sophie Lee) displays in relation to the culture …

Paper consumption

from the documentary Paper Trail, the Life and Times of a Woodchip (G)

Over a time-lapse sequence that shows people buying stationery, wrapping paper and cards, narrator Noni Hazelhurst describes the history, uses and increased consumption of paper and paper products. As the narrator lists the ways that …

‘Keep everything nice, use ice’

from the advertisement Toora Vale Ice Company, Berri: The Ice Man Was Never Like This (G)

A tradesperson is fixing a broken electric refrigerator in the kitchen. A male voice-over suggests an ice refrigerator is superior because 'ice never breaks down’. Men carrying large blocks of ice on their shoulders file …

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