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Safety in Northcott estate

from the documentary 900 Neighbours (PG)

Sasha is a teenager living with her mother, Charmaine, in the public housing multi-storey estate of Northcott. Charmaine says that it is safer for her daughter playing nearby because many people know her and she …

European settlement in Byron Bay

from the documentary The Battle for Byron (PG)

The first European settlers in Byron Bay cut the 1,000-year-old cedars. They then farmed, and fished out the whales before moving to a more environmentally friendly attitude.

Environment versus progress

from the documentary The Battle for Byron (PG)

Christine starts to build her house constructed from recycled materials in idyllic Byron Bay. Her world is shattered when the local council approves a quarry next to her house that will mine for gravel for …

Papunya: a different world

from the documentary Beating About the Bush (PG)

The 'black and white urban band’ Djaambi arrives at the remote Aboriginal community of Papunya to find no audience, minor flooding and bleak housing conditions for the locals. The band hopes that their visit to …

Aboriginal law, white man’s law

from the documentary Beating About the Bush (PG)

Band members on tour in the Northern Territory discuss Aboriginal law and its implications. In Victoria police arrest Aborigines on suspicion of breaking the law. In traditional Aboriginal law offenders may be speared or flogged …

The land is sad

from the documentary Blood Brothers – Jardiwarnpa (PG)

A sweeping aerial view of mountains jutting out of the flat desert-scape. A song of the area plays out in subtitles over the image. An elder tells us about the sacred Ancestor of this area …

‘Place of thunder’

from the documentary Bra Boys (PG)

This clip uses voice-over narration by Russell Crowe and a montage of etchings, drawings, photographs and video footage to chronicle the complex social and cultural history of the Maroubra area. It begins by describing first …

The possibility of divorce and remarriage

from the television program Brides of Christ (PG)

Frances’ parents are separated and her mother has found a new partner whom she loves and wants to marry. Frances (Naomi Watts) is worried that her mother’s optimism that the church will accept the …

The convent must change

from the television program Brides of Christ (PG)

Mother Superior (Sandy Gore) asks the nuns to spend some time reading and thinking about how they might deal with the changes suggested by Vatican II. Sister Catherine (Josephine Byrnes) is keen to discard old …

‘We’re keeping him’

from the feature film The Cars That Ate Paris (PG)

After his brother is killed in a car accident outside the small town of Paris, Arthur (Terry Camilleri) meets Len (John Meillon), the mayor, who leads the funeral procession. At a council meeting afterwards, the …

An evening at home

from the home movie Clarke, Robin JH: Sydney Diary (G)

This is taken from a sequence depicting the domestic routine of a family evening spent at home. Clarke arranges it into a narrative which begins with a train pulling into Wahroonga station, and includes scenes …

Save our park

from the documentary Concrete City (PG)

Pyrmont is an inner western suburb of Sydney. The City West Development Corporation has major plans to redevelop the area. The area’s heritage elements and community spirit is challenged by the rapid development. Facing …

An ancient civilisation

from the documentary Cradle of Creation (G)

On board a paddle steamer, the camera travels up the Euphrates river passing villages in the swamp and marshland region of the country – a lush landscape strewn with long reeds and covered in date palms …

Hindu cremation ceremony

from the home movie The Cremation of a Balinese Chief at the Hotel Bali (G)

This clip shows part of an elaborate Hindu ceremony for the cremation of an important member of a Balinese village in the 1930s. Crowds of villagers gather around to observe and participate in the ritual.

‘Mission of mercy’

from the sponsored film The Flying Doctor (G)

In a dramatic re-enactment, set on a remote homestead in Australia’s outback, a station worker is suffering an attack of acute appendicitis. A member of the homestead radios for help to a hospital hundreds …

Raising The Foundation

from the documentary The Foundation 1963–1977 (PG)

Historical footage shows a young Chicka Dixon, and how The Foundation raised funds is explained.

A town is dying

from the television program Four Corners – We'll All Be Rooned (G)

A lingering and lyrical moment of a town in decay where the real tragedy is the complete lack of a future on the land for Coonamble’s young people.

‘As much right as anybody’

from the feature film The Fringe Dwellers (PG)

The girls walk into a cafe for milkshakes. They are told to drink them at the counter. Trilby (Kristina Nehm) urges her family to sit down in a booth. The white patrons taunt them with …

John Fisher, another Holden driver

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – John Fisher, Another Holden Driver (G)

This is a vox pop style interview with Hawthorn winger John Fisher about his Holden. 'Fish’ is interviewed by TV sports commentator Tony Charlton in a parking lot outside an AFL venue …

‘We all have lives’

from the documentary The Highest Court (PG)

A round table discussion with the chief justice of the High Court, Sir Gerard Brennan, and justices Mary Gaudron, John Toohey, Kenneth Hayne and William Gummow in which they reveal that they, also, live in …

‘She’s got a heart like a bullock!’

from the television program I Can Jump Puddles (G)

Maggie Mulligan (Sally Anne Bourne) uses her strength to show up Mr Tucker (Don Barker) in the classroom after he has ridiculed Alan (Adam Garnett). Later, Maggie and Joe Carmichael (David Clencie) and Alan’s …

Pitcairn boat-builders

from the feature film In the Wake of the Bounty (G)

The movie shifts abruptly from dramatised recreation of the mutiny to a travelogue about the Pitcairn Islands, where Charles and Elsa Chauvel explore the legacy of the mutineers. The boat-building skills, Chauvel’s narration tells …

Soot-blackened arrows

from the documentary Joe Leahy's Neighbours (G)

At a village gathering, the father of a wounded Ganiga man, shot by a Gaimelka man, has a stand-off with a Lutheran pastor who had been trying to calm things down. Taking no notice of …


from the documentary Joe Leahy's Neighbours (G)

At a village meeting, two highlanders are bartering a 'bride-price’. On offer are pigs rather than money. The young girl and her family are given a choice to accept the boy and the bride-price or …


from the documentary Joe Leahy's Neighbours (G)

At a community meeting, a young man debates with Joe Leahy about the profit split of their Kaugum coffee plantation. Leahy explains how he is the one taking the risk with the bank loan.

Never Never Country

from the documentary Last Mail from Birdsville: The Story of Tom Kruse (G)

From 1936 Tom Kruse delivered mail and stores to outback properties along the remote Birdsville Track. In 1998, after 10 years of restoration of a Leyland Badger, Tom made one last run. Dave Burge, the …

Park consultations

from the documentary Our Park (PG)

The Whites Creek Valley Park is under the jurisdiction of the Leichhardt Council in Sydney. The plans for the park have been in progress for 50 years. The council plans to demolish two houses and …

Once a thriving river port

from the television program Peach's Australia – Darling River (G)

Peach strolls around banks of the Darling River in Bourke with local historian Alan Barton, telling of the time when the town was a thriving port. As Peach explains, Bourke, in the central west of …

Band rejected

from the documentary The Queen Goes West (G)

In the butcher shop, two butchers practice their brass instruments then discuss the disappointing news that The Longreach Town Band is deemed not good enough for Her Majesty. A professional band is to be flown …

Debutante ball

from the documentary The Queen Goes West (G)

Longreach’s debutantes are presented to the accompaniment of the bagpipe.

Carnival scenes, Melbourne

from the newsreel Richmond Carnival in Aid of Blind Soldiers, May 1918 (G)

This clip includes scenes from a carnival held in aid of blind returned soldiers in May 1918. Consisting of a combination of still and panning shots, the scene captures groups of people in the crowd …

‘Special power’

from the documentary The Sharkcallers of Kontu (PG)

A villager laments the passing of the most important sharkcaller of his community. This sad moment is followed by a sharkcaller summoning, catching and killing a shark.


from the documentary The Sharkcallers of Kontu (PG)

A villager efficiently recounts the colonial history of Papua New Guinea. His comments are illustrated with archival stills.

An old town dies, a new one born

from the sponsored film Snowy Hydro – Operation Adaminaby (PG)

The new Adaminaby takes shape as, one by one, buildings from the old town are transported to the new location.

Old Jindabyne

from the sponsored film Snowy Hydro – The Jindabyne Story (PG)

As the waters of Lake Jindabyne, part of the Snowy Mountains Scheme, begin to rise, we take a last look at old Jindabyne.

Warmth and happiness

from the sponsored film South Melbourne Methodist Mission News (G)

On a sunny winter’s day, Reverend Robert Williams from the South Melbourne Methodist Mission issues weekly rations of firewood to needy families as part of the mission’s important work.

‘We’re all friends’

from the documentary Stepping Out (G)

Romayne, a Sunshine Home drama group member, introduces us to the idiosyncrasies of some of the other members.

‘We do exist’

from the documentary Stepping Out (G)

Residents of The Lorna Hodgkinson Sunshine Home for the intellectually handicapped are being fitted for costumes for the upcoming performance at the Sydney Opera House.

The Royal Easter Show

from the documentary Sydney on Show (G)

This clip captures the atmosphere of Sydney’s Royal Easter Agricultural Show. It includes footage of novelty stores, the woodchopping competition, equestrian events, the sideshows and the show rides.

A male voice-over narrates the clip.

We have to live with it

from the documentary We Have To Live With It (G)

Balmain resident of 48 years Mrs Moran addresses a local crowd gathered in the streets of Balmain about the dangers of shipping containers being trucked through the main streets of their suburb. As she is …


from the documentary Wirriya: Small Boy (G)

At school, Ricco stands with his hands drooped over an outside freshwater tap. He introduces himself to the audience, and the other main characters of the documentary soon after.


from the documentary Wirriya: Small Boy (G)

Ricco sits amongst a group of children roughly the same age as himself. They are learning about maps of the world, as well as Warlpiri.

The one day of the year

from the television program With Gentle Majesty (G)

The high point of the Melbourne Royal Agricultural Show each day is the Grand Parade. For this great moment each year, the workhorses are brushed, combed and groomed to take their place in the parade.

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