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Secretaries and executives

from the sponsored film Australia Post – Onward Speed (G)

This segment addresses secretaries and executives and informs them of their responsibilities in the posting, receipt, sorting and delivery of mail.

Modelling fashion

from the advertisement Camp-Berlei Foundation Garments: Physiological Support (G)

Fashionable garments are modelled displaying a range of designers clothes include a dress by couturier Melnotte Simonin; a hand-embroidered coat with fur trim by designer Jacques Heim, a painted velvet georgette fabric again by Melnotte …

The evolution of the skirt

from the newsreel Cartoons of the Moment – German Dove of Peace (G)

This animated clip begins with a white outline, gradually drawn in by the hand of the artist to show a woman dressed in 19th-century costume. A caption says ‘since the Colonial days, skirts have gradually …

A fashion parade with a difference

from the television program Compass – Islam on Parade (PG)

A group of Muslim Australian women travel all over Melbourne to put on their very special brand of fashion parade. Afterwards they stay to talk to the audience about their faith and especially why they …

The fittings

from the television program Fashionista – Alex Perry (PG)

Alex Perry runs through the A to Z of designing a wedding dress for the big day. It’s all about negotiating the demands of the bride, her mother and the bridesmaids.

Passionate about shoes

from the television program Fashionista – Donna-May Bolinger (G)

Not content with designing beautiful shoes, Donna-May Bolinger likes to dedicate each design to some imaginary muse. She shows us her latest, the shoe of a circus performer who she imagines was a highwire artiste …

‘A leftover hippy’

from the television program Fashionista – John Macarthur (G)

There are many different sorts of stitches and many fibres apart from wool that can be knitted, such as silk, cotton and even possum fur.

Surfie chic

from the television program Fashionista – Mambo (G)

Australia is a world leader in surf wear and surf culture. Robert Moore has been designing for Mambo for many years and is one of the best in the business, despite very little art school …

Like a bower bird

from the television program Fashionista – Naomi Goodsir (G)

Naomi Goodsir talks about how she developed as a milliner. In the early days, she could only afford to flat pattern and so developed the origami style of designing her creations for which she’ll …

Footscray, 1911

from the historical Footscray 1911 (G)

This clip captures scenes of daily life in the main streets of Footscray, Melbourne, in 1910 and 1911.

Footscray street scenes

from the historical Footscray 1971 (G)

Pans and high-angle shots capture the streets, buildings, shopfronts and signs of the inner-west Melbourne suburb of Footscray in 1971. A Ferris wheel is operating in the Nicholson Street Mall and crowds gather for a …

Mount Wellington, 1909

from the home movie Higgins, Bryce: Family and Holiday Scenes: 1909-1924 (G)

This clip shows the Higgins family at Mount Wellington, Hobart, in 1909. It includes scenes of the group enjoying a picnic spread on a hillside, four men making a pot of billy tea, and some …

Locals cool off at the weir

from the home movie Holmes, Mr WGA: Locals Cool Off at the Weir, Theodore (G)

Two boys run and dive into the Dawson River alongside Theodore weir as others look on, some sit on the waters edge. A car drives across the top of the weir as pedestrians cross in …

Businesses and street life, Hawthorn

from the historical Living Hawthorn (G)

In a series of panning shots, the camera films the businesses, workers and daily life in Burwood Road, West Hawthorn. Businesses shown include a farrier, an estate agent, a chemist, a glassware shop and a …

The Brisbane Exhibition

from the home movie McIlwraith, Peter: Brisbane Show and Moonbi Park (G)

This home movie clip shows various scenes filmed by Peter McIlwraith at the Brisbane Exhibition (or 'Ekka’) in the 1950s. It includes: scenes of a merry-go-round with children and adults riding on the horse-shaped seats …

‘That’s the Rinso way’

from the advertisement Rinso Washing Powder: Easy Does It (G)

An opening credits sequence introducing the stars of Easy Does It is accompanied by a musical soundtrack. The first scene is at a grocery counter where a grocer (Dan Agar) attempts to sell a box …

Reception and photographs

from the home movie Society Wedding (G)

The camera films the wedding party compose themselves for still photographs at the reception. Some of the guests are also shown. The clip ends with the bride and groom standing in front of a staircase …

Holiday lifestyles

from the historical Sorrento (G)

The holiday accommodation in Sorrento is shown, along with tennis courts and gardens. A title card ‘all the girls are lovely by the seaside’ introduces men in their swimming trunks and women with parasols relaxing …

The St Kilda Esplanade on Boxing Day

from the historical The St Kilda Esplanade on Boxing Day (G)

This silent clip shows the St Kilda esplanade and foreshore on Boxing Day 1913. People relax on the grass, enjoy amusement rides at Luna Park and swim at the beach.

Footscray Railway Station

from the documentary A Thriving and Prosperous Suburb: Bird's Eye View of Footscray (G)

This clip features a crowd of people near the footbridge at Footscray’s railway station.

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