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Measuring the cost

from the television program The 7.30 Report – Pneumococcal Vaccine (PG)

While the Australian government has agreed to fund the vaccine for meningococcal C for the 1 to 19 age group, there’s another deadly strain called pneumococcal meningitis for which the vaccine is not subsidised …

Children’s birthday party

from the home movie Albion, Douglas: Children's Party (G)

This clip includes five-year-old Wally being picked up and hugged by his parents; an older man dressed as Santa Claus; children on a seesaw and playing ring-a-rosie; Wally being pushed on a swing by his …

Back to school

from the documentary All About Olive (PG)

At 105 years old, Olive Riley goes back to her school in Broken Hill to meet the current students. Parts of Olive’s early life are re-enacted. Corporal punishment was practiced in the school. Olive …

Birthday party

from the home movie Archibald Family: Family Scenes and Outings in Sydney (PG)

This clip, shot by the Archibald family, shows a little girl’s birthday party in the early 1930s. Girls, all dressed in white dresses and with bobbed hair, play 'Ring-a-ring o’ roses’ and 'Oranges and …

A project about kids

from the television program Australian Story – Absolute Beginner (PG)

Marg is now involved in a very different mission, in charge of looking after street kids in a provincial Chinese city. She lives in an apartment and travels to work on a bus. It’s …

Backyard betting

from the newsreel Australia Today – Customs Officers Fight Against Drugs (G)

This newsreel segment begins with a title card which sums it up nicely: ‘slums, illegal gambling and SP bookmaking is a real and vital problem confronting the governments of Australia today’. Following newspaper headlines, the …

A Cinderella station

from the television program A Big Country – Gulf Battlers (PG)

When the Forshaw family bought their small station of just 200 square miles, they could only find enough money to buy the property without stock. Over the last decade, Elton and his boys have worked …

Born in Bendigo

from the television program Chequerboard – It’s Amazing What You Can Do With a Pound of Mince (PG)

The Simms are a young couple who’ve come to Melbourne from the bush to find a better life. They barely manage because Mrs Simms has a chronic illness that takes up nearly all her …

Withdrawing funds

from the sponsored film Commonwealth Bank – The School Bank (G)

In the ground floor customer service area of the Sydney central branch of the Commonwealth Bank in Martin Place, Mr Phillips explains to the children the system of withdrawing account funds from a bank branch.

Oliver’s multiple abductions

from the documentary Empty Arms, Broken Hearts (PG)

Oliver has been abducted by his father four times. The father has been imprisoned over the abduction. The adverse psychological effect on Oliver is evident.

Westbrook Farm Home

from the sponsored film Eventide and Westbrook Farm Home: Brisbane City Mission (G)

The boys at Westbrook Farm Home for Boys in Queensland’s southeast sleep in open wards. The dormitories are connected to a main dining room where they gather for meals. The superintendent and his wife …

Backyard play

from the home movie Farey: Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge (PG)

This simple home movie clip taken by Leslie Francis Farey from 1932 shows us children candidly playing in a suburban backyard in Melbourne. Three children play with a pram, doll and tin drum. The youngest …

Santa visits the hospital

from the advertisement Here Comes Santa (G)

This clip from a silent black-and-white cinema advertisement for Anthony Hordern & Sons shows Santa visiting the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Santa, accompanied by a young girl dressed as a fairy, arrives by horse-drawn carriage and waves …


from the home movie Homes for Crippled Children (G)

At Franston Home in Victoria, children undergo rehabilitative hydrotherapy in the swimming pool. A boy is levered out of the water in a stretcher-like machine and lifted onto a bench beside the pool. The next …

Stretching the sausages

from the television program Horace and Tina – Settling In (G)

Lauren (Jasmine Ellis) is very worried about what Horace (Frank Gallacher) might be up to, and when she finds him stealing the sausages out of the kitchen she knows she was right. Her behaviour is …

‘Try the lot, no matter what the risk’

from the television program I Can Jump Puddles (G)

Alan (Adam Garnett) and his father (Tony Barry) discuss the problem Alan is having with the bully Macintyre, contemplating ways Alan can beat him. His mother (Julie Hamilton) is distressed at what is happening as …

Facing the demons

from the television program If Only – Series 1 Episode 5 (PG)

Georgina was a state ward from the age of 3 until she was 14 years old, when she was sent as a domestic to work in a family until she turned 18. Her mother wouldn …

AIDS awareness

from the documentary A Kid Called Troy (PG)

Eight-year-old Troy acknowledges the causes and effects of his AIDS condition.

A new life

from the television program The Leaving of Liverpool (PG)

An official visiting the orphanage in Liverpool invites the children to do their bit for the British Empire by putting themselves forward to begin a new life in Rhodesia, Australia or Canada.

The first long march

from the documentary Letters to Ali (G)

In June 2002, Trish Kirby, her husband Rob and their four children travelled thousands of kilometres from their home in Melbourne to Port Hedland Detention Centre to meet fifteen-year-old Ali, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan …

Young Bill’s first public appearance

from the documentary A Morning at the World's Greatest Agricultural Show (G)

A young boy prepares a Shetland pony for an appearance at the agricultural show. He brushes its tail and mane, cleaning its hooves and fitting it with a saddle. The boy sits atop the pony …

‘Something to fall back on’

from the documentary A Personal History of the Australian Surf: Being the Confessions of a Straight Poofter (PG)

Michael’s father told young Michael that the world was divided into three groups, 'fools, crooks and gentlemen’. By deciding to be an artist (theatre director) young Michael fell into the fool category. His father …


from the documentary Prahran 3181: Swimming in the Backyard (PG)

Dael finds the pool a comfort during unsuccessful IVF treatment. She and her husband adopt a Korean child. The pool is the centre of their social life.

‘Our way to socialism’

from the documentary Pyongyang Diaries (G)

Filmmaker Solrun Hoaas ventures onto the streets of North Korea to do some impromptu filming and sees some children gathered on a street corner before the start of school. In what becomes a common instance …

‘This is not easy’

from the feature film The Quiet Room (PG)

The mother (Celine O’Leary) sits watching her daughter’s angry drawing. She has come to tell her that her father is moving out. The child carries on a conversation that her mother can’t …

The stealing of children

from the feature film Rabbit-Proof Fence (PG)

As Constable Riggs (Jason Clarke) arrives, Maude (Ningali Lawford) realises he has come to take the children. They run, but Riggs cuts off their escape route and seizes the children one by one. He warns …

Mr Neville says no

from the feature film Rabbit-Proof Fence (PG)

At the Moore River Aboriginal settlement, Molly (Everlyn Sampi) is called out of the assembly to be inspected by Mr AO Neville (Kenneth Branagh), the Protector of Aborigines. Mr Neville checks the colour of her …

The wrong fence

from the feature film Rabbit-Proof Fence (PG)

Mr Neville (Kenneth Branagh) tells the police inspector (Roy Billing) that the three escaped girls must be following the rabbit-proof fence north, to their home. He devises a plan to catch them, sending police troopers …

Work and play

from the documentary The Rising Generation (G)

From a raised position, the camera films the children as they file off from school assembly and walk to class. They march in step with each other, forming perfect lines, and each row peels off …

‘Healthy minds in healthy bodies’

from the documentary The Rising Generation (G)

A panorama shot of the grounds captures students standing on a square and then moving to form lines. They begin a callisthenics routine – all in time with each other. The boys and girls are grouped …


from the documentary Rosie (PG)

Rosie is packing her bag to move out of the welfare house, and a young woman who is to take over her room is introduced to her. The young girl has the same last name …

The words of the prophet

from the feature film Son of a Lion (PG)

Niaz (Niaz Khan Shinwari) visits a refugee community and asks an artist, Agha Jaan (Agha Jaan), to read him a letter from his cousin Anousha in Peshawar. Agha Jaan comments on Niaz’s inability to …

The sound of music

from the feature film Son of a Lion (PG)

Niaz (Niaz Khan Shinwari) hears music and follows the sound to its source – a youth playing a traditional stringed instrument with great intensity. Niaz is transfixed. His uncle (Baktiyar Ahmed Afridi) rings his father (Sher …

Warmth and happiness

from the sponsored film South Melbourne Methodist Mission News (G)

On a sunny winter’s day, Reverend Robert Williams from the South Melbourne Methodist Mission issues weekly rations of firewood to needy families as part of the mission’s important work.

‘Mothers don’t give up their babies easily’

from the television program Touch the Sun – Princess Kate (G)

Kate visits a volunteer organisation to get help to locate her birth parents. Barry (Nick Enright) explains why there is so much secrecy around the details of adoption.

‘Dad got the sack, did he?’

from the television program Winners – The Paper Boy (G)

John Riordan (Tony Llewellyn Jones) has lost his job. Joe (Christopher Schlusser) hears about a job as a paperboy selling newspapers on the street. He is warned that is a rough job – the last boy …

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