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Quarrying limestone

from the documentary Australian Cement in the Making (G)

This clip begins with a shot of a steam shovel collecting the limestone rubble from the quarry and emptying it into large bins for transport. A man in the foreground of the frame shovels the …

Falkiner cane harvester in operation

from the sponsored film An Australian Invention: Falkiner Cane Harvester in Operation (G)

The harvester is operated by a person seated on one side of the machine. The camera films, from various positions, the harvester as it is guided along the edge of the cane field. Men walk …

The media

from the sponsored film Australia Post – Royal Tour (G)

This clip shows the process by which the PMG must meet the needs of the media during Queen Elizabeth II’s 1954 royal tour.

A major medical emergency

from the television program Bondi Rescue – Series 1, Episode 4 (PG)

A group of senior lifeguards just happen to be standing at the edge of the water for a photo shoot when they’re told there’s been a man found floating lifeless in the surf …

‘The city of tomorrow’

from the advertisement Bushells Tea Advertisement: The World of the Future (G)

This animated colour cinema advertisement for Bushells tea starts with a map of the world and a voice-over that invites the viewer to 'the world of the future’. International travel is shown using fast planes …

The magic bullet

from the television program Four Corners – Car Wars (PG)

An Australian invention is set to revolutionise the vehicle security industry and it’s already paying off. A tiny microdot with vehicle identification details is being stamped all over the underside of some of the …

Telegraphists spread the news

from the historical Naming the Federal Capital of Australia (PG)

The intertitles at the beginning of this clip explain it all: ‘Telegraphists at work sending the news to Sydney. 200 words a minute. A record’.

Modern alchemy

from the television program The New Inventors – Series 1 Episode 8 (G)

Inventor John Walker has found a way of turning landfill into compost, a form of contemporary alchemy. It’s a system capable of functioning on a huge scale, very economically.

‘That’s the Rinso way’

from the advertisement Rinso Washing Powder: Easy Does It (G)

An opening credits sequence introducing the stars of Easy Does It is accompanied by a musical soundtrack. The first scene is at a grocery counter where a grocer (Dan Agar) attempts to sell a box …

Acoustic warfare

from the documentary Submariners (PG)

HMAS Rankin is taking part in Silent Fury, an exercise with the US Navy. The submarine must avoid detection and make it past 'enemy’ ships and helicopters to be victorious. Acoustic warfare specialists explain how …

‘Use ice for food protection’

from the advertisement Toora Vale Ice Company, Berri: Welcome Mr Ice Man (G)

An ice delivery man carries a block of ice from his truck into a suburban home. A woman opens an Iceway ice refrigerator to show how the block of ice cools and preserves food. The …

Trains in Australia’s development

from the documentary Track Record: The Story of Australia's Railways - Tethered to the World (G)

Trains played a major part in Australia’s economic and social development. Development followed the railway line and exports boomed.

Cloning a dodo

from the television program Wicked Science – Episode 1, The Gift (G)

Toby (André de Vanny) and Elizabeth (Bridget Neval) have been zapped and are just discovering their new powers. Toby is suddenly able to understand the science behind DNA sequencing and cloning, and to impress Dina …

She mixed axolotl DNA with T-Rex DNA

from the television program Wicked Science – Episode 1, The Gift (G)

Toby (André de Vanny) discovers that Elizabeth (Bridget Neval) has interfered with his DNA cloning experiment and is horrified to discover a ferocious and rapidly growing T-Rex has hatched from his egg. Will he and …

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