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‘Let’s get the bastard pegged’

from the feature film Buddies (PG)

Sapphire miners Johnny (Harry Hopkins) and Mike (Colin Friels) peg a new claim, but newcomer Andy (Dennis Miller) disputes their right to the land. He uses his bulldozer to underline the point.

Signs of life

from the documentary The Changing Face of Australia (G)

In 1946 on the low hill plains west of the Flinders Ranges, geologist Reg Sprigg made one of the most important fossil discoveries of the century. As he retraces his steps back across a hillside …

Bougainville battlers

from the documentary An Evergreen Island (PG)

The clip describes the extent of the damage from 17 years of toxic waste and pollution from the copper mine, and how the people of Bougainville Island said 'no more’. As the customary owners of …

‘Separate and different’

from the television program Nature of Australia – A Separate Creation (G)

This series has magnificent shots of Australia – from the tropics to the edge of Antarctica and across 4,000 kilometres of continent. The program captures the diversity of the country’s unique animal life as …

A master of camouflage

from the television program Nature of Australia – The Sunburnt Country (G)

The landscape of arid central Australia is scoured and the plateaus worn down to gibber desert. It’s impossible to imagine that any living thing could survive in this environment but the shingleback lizard manages …

‘A real lost world’

from the documentary Terrible Lizards of Oz (G)

In 1903 geologist William Ferguson found the claw of a carnivorous dinosaur while searching for coal in south-eastern Australia.

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