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Australian innovation

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An epic flight

from the television program An Airman Remembers (G)

This clip recounts the story of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and his aeroplane the Southern Cross. It includes archival footage of the record-breaking 1928 trip across the Pacific with Smithy and his colleague Charles Ulm …

Falkiner cane harvester in operation

from the sponsored film An Australian Invention: Falkiner Cane Harvester in Operation (G)

The harvester is operated by a person seated on one side of the machine. The camera films, from various positions, the harvester as it is guided along the edge of the cane field. Men walk …

Computer coding

from the sponsored film Australia Post – This is the Mail (G)

The Redfern Mail Exchange’s impressive new computerised mail sorting system is displayed. It illustrates data entry relating to each postal item entered.

Triumph and tragedy

from the television program Catalyst – Genius of Junk (PG)

At the height of his success in discovering the significance of what was once called 'junk DNA’, or non-coding DNA, Dr Malcolm Simons is diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer.

Junk into gold

from the television program Catalyst – Genius of Junk (PG)

Dr Simons and his business partner have patented his discovery that non-coding DNA is vital to our understanding of how disease works. Other medical researchers are outraged that this information – which they say should be …

Vocational training for returned soldiers

from the documentary The Digger Carries On: Repatriation Illustrated (PG)

In 1919 returned First World War soldiers, accompanied by their wives, inspect various forms of vocational training such as building construction, making Sunshine harvesters, assembling cars and bricklaying.

The clip begins with the three returned …

Agricultural implement factory

from the sponsored film Factory to Farm: Making Agricultural Implements in Australia (PG)

Various parts of the implement factory are shown: workers carry out their tasks in the sheet metal department; a hammering machine shapes steel into shape; a man dips a large wheel-shaped piece of farming equipment …

Benefits of mechanical harvesting

from the sponsored film Factory to Farm: Making Agricultural Implements in Australia (G)

A man manually harvests wheat with a scythe while women bundle up what’s left behind. This system is then contrasted with harvesting using horse-drawn Australian made machinery which is pulled through the field with …

Export Holden

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – Export Holden (G)

This advertisement opens with a row of Holden cars, soon to be loaded by crane onto ship. As the narrator lists the Asia-Pacific territories that Holden has been exported to, we see footage of Hong …

Range of products

from the advertisement General Motors Holden – Range of Products (G)

In a suburban street, a woman driving a Holden pulls up to do her Saturday morning shopping. Other GMH cars, including a Vauxhall, Chevrolet and Pontiac, are shown. The woman enters a …

‘First flight trials’

from the sponsored film Ikara the Weapon Thrower (G)

This clip shows the first testing of a scaled down version of the newly developed Ikara missile, conducted at Woomera and Port Wakefield from about February 1961.

Kesselring and Goering

from the documentary Last Plane Out of Berlin (G)

Australian aviator and businessman, Sidney Cotton, conned Field Marshall Albert Kesselring into flying his plane over the Rhine so that Cotton could photograph German war installations for British intelligence. Cotton also photographed the country house …

Reaping the harvests of history

from the documentary A Nation is Built (PG)

Scenes of wheat harvesting are accompanied by commentary full of metaphors of nation-building based on ‘harvesting the benefits of a great past’. As the commentary builds to a patriotic climax, the music from _Pomp and …

Modern alchemy

from the television program The New Inventors – Series 1 Episode 8 (G)

Inventor John Walker has found a way of turning landfill into compost, a form of contemporary alchemy. It’s a system capable of functioning on a huge scale, very economically.

Chocolate packing department

from the sponsored film A Visit to Ernest Hillier's Factory (G)

In the chocolate packing department, lines of women wearing protective smocks and hairnets, hand select and carefully pack individual chocolates into boxes.

One woman passes boxes of chocolates to another, who then makes a final …

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